Forbes Has Named Judge Judy As The World’s Highest-Paid TV Host For 2018

The results have come out. Forbes has named Judy Sheindlin, or also known as Judge Judy as the World’s highest-paid TV host for this year.

Forbes Has Named Judge Judy As The World’s Highest-Paid TV Host For 2018

She doesn’t only presides in the courtroom but on the television screens as well. According to Forbes, the “Judge Judy” host is currently the bearer of the Guinness World Record for the lengthiest career as a TV judge. She came No. 1 this year because she gained an estimated $100 million after selling the rights to her show’s extensive library.

Sheindlin received an annual paycheck amounting to $47 million from hosting the “Judge Judy” show and being the producer of “Hot Bench.” With all of these added to her bank account, she is now ranked 48th-richest self-made woman in the US, with an estimated net worth of $400 million.

Next on the list is Ellen DeGeneres at No. 2. According to the magazine, the 60-year-old TV host-comedian earned $87.5 million pretax and considered it as her most profitable year. Apart from her paycheck for the Ellen show, DeGeneres also made $20 million for a Netflix stand-up special. It is said that she was the first female comedian to get a huge payday from the online streaming service.

Now, let’s have a closer look at 2018’s Top 5 World’s highest-paid TV hosts, data gathered was estimated for the duration of June 1, 2017, up to June 1, 2018.


5. Steve Harvey – $44 million

Steve Harvey is the renowned host of the shows – “Little Big Shots,” “Family Feud,” “Steve,” and “Miss Universe.”

4. Ryan Seacrest – $74 million

Ryan Seacrest is the host of “American Idol,” and “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” He is also the producer of the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” That is why from $58 million last year his earnings now went up to $74 million.

3. Dr. Phil McGraw – $77.5 million

Dr. Phil McGraw is the famous host of the shows “Dr. Phil,” “The Bull,” “The Doctors.” and “Daily Mail TV.”

2. Ellen DeGeneres – $87.5 million

Ellen DeGeneres is the famous daytime talk show host-comedian of the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” with so many fans and followers not only in the US but from all over the world.

1. Judy Sheindlin – $147 million

Judy Sheindlin is the host of “Judge Judy.” During the 2017’s Forbes Women’s Summit she said “Many people, as I did in the beginning, get stuck with a job they don’t really like. …If you’re not doing something that you love to do, find something that you love to do, because it will make your whole life different.” Having to earn this big clearly shows how much she loves her job as a TV host.


**Note that the said figures are pretax and that the fees for agents, managers, and their lawyers are not yet deducted in the given amount. The estimated earnings were based on the data from Nielsen, Box Office Mojo and IMDB, and alongside with interviews with the industry insiders.