• Floyd Mayweather Spending: 10 Outrageous Purchases

    As the world’s highest earning athlete (he once made $60,000,000 for just two fights alone), boxer Floyd Mayweather has a lot of expendable income, and he thoroughly enjoys showing the world the outrageous things he spends it on. Here’s a list of Mayweather’s priciest and most out-there purchases.

    Floyd Mayweather Spending: 10 Outrageous Purchases

    Personal Luxuries

    1. A $7,300,000 Car Collection

    As TMZ reported, Floyd spends some of his spare change on his vehicles. He has three $2,000,000 Bugattis, three Ferraris, a Lamborghini and a turbo Porsche. These aren’t the only cars in collection, but merely his favorite and most impressive ones. He recently posted a photo of himself standing in front of all eight of the impressive super cars and conveniently placed behind it was…

    2. A $35,000,000 G5 Private Jet

    Would anyone expect Mayweather to fly in any other way but in style? Not only does he own his own private plane, when he travels he’s rumored to keep it staffed with a masseuse and a personal barber. There’s no such thing as travelling light for him, that is, unless he wants to have his personal bodyguards be flown on their own separate private flight, which he is rumored to have done before.

    3. ~100,000 Louboutin Sneakers Collection

    Mayweather recently posted a picture where he was able to fit 80 of his Christian Louboutin sneakers in the frame with the cheeky caption “I’m having a hard time choosing which #ChristianLouboutin I want to wear. I could only fit 80 pairs of #redbottoms in this photo…” Mayweather is known for being the ultimate sneakerhead, and with each Louboutin worth around or above $1,000, he probably has spent over a hundred thousand on his collection. We’re surprised he’s saved enough shoes to even have a collection, because he’s also rumored to have a tendency of disposing sneakers after he first wears them because he doesn’t like to wear the same pair twice.

    4. A $6,500 Yearly Underwear Bill

    Just like with his sneakers, Mayweather is rumored to not like wearing the same boxers more than once, either. As a result, his daily need for new, freshly unworn boxers adds up to three of yours and mine yearly vacation tabs.

    Reckless Spending

    5. $100,000 to Make It Rain At Strip Clubs

    Mayweather is one of the most notorious celebs out there who enjoys making it rain- that is, literally throwing his money in the air and onto the lucky folks around him. He made news for rolling into a Miami strip club, E11even for a friend’s birthday and came with $100,000, which he spent in one sitting- err, standing.

    6. Outrageous Million Dollar Sporting Bets

    We’ve never heard about the bets Mayweather has lost, but we can bet they’re not pretty based on the insane amount of money he wages each time. In October 2014, he bet $720,000 on the Colts and won $1.4 million as a result.

    For the Family

    7. $250,000 Watch for His Then-Thirteen-Year-old Daughter

    Iyanna, Mayweather’s now 14-year-old daughter, routinely makes headlines for the extravagant birthday parties she has thanks to her wealthy father. Mayweather makes it clear to the world that he only wants the best for Iyanna, and for her 13th birthday he gifted her a $250,000 diamond watch. This was in addition to making her day with celebrity appearances from pals Kevin Hart and Justin Bieber. A year later, Mayweather, according to TMZ, paid Iyanna’s favorite entertainer Nicki Minaj $50,000 to make a guest appearance at her 14th birthday bash.

    8. A Gold Bentley Gold Cart for His 15-Year-Old Son

    Iyanna isn’t the only Mayweather child who gets spoiled on birthdays. His son, Koraun, was gifted a beautiful gold Bentley golf cart for his 15th birthday and Mayweather posted a pic of the two in it to his instagram with the caption “Stay on the look out for his gift for his 16th birthday!” We’re sure it’ll be another addition to this list when the time comes.

    9. A $10,000,000 Sparkler Engagement Ring for Ex-Fiance

    Though Mayweather has since broken up with ex-fiance Shantel Jackson, he originally proposed to her with a one-of-a-kind 25 carat engagement ring. That’s more than all of his prized sport-cars combined.


    10. A $3,350,000 Las Vegas Mansion Featured on MTV Cribs

    Though he put it on the market, Mayweather allowed MTV viewers an in-depth look into his 7,300 Las Vegas property. Complete with nine bathrooms and seven bedrooms, the luxury space even had a row of video poker machines for the notorious gambler.

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