Most Expensive Vacations 2014: Jay-Z and Beyonce Edition

Most of us wish we could get away just once within our busy years. Those of us who represent upper echelon can do so- several times. Here’s a list of the most fabulous and extravagant vacations taken by none other than the world’s greatest entertainers, Jay-Z and Beyonce in 2014 alone.

Most Expensive Vacations 2014: Jay-Z and Beyonce Edition

December: Champagne on Ice in Iceland


Jay-Z and Beyonce’s vacation to Iceland was exactly what you would expect from two of the world’s greatest entertainers. Going in December, the two went to both celebrate the holidays and also Jay-Z’s 45th birthday. They stayed- of course- at one of the most luxurious spots Iceland has to offer, the Trophy Lodge. They enjoyed a private helicopter tour of Iceland and meanwhile, in what should be an iconic photo, let their premium champagne chill out in the snow.

December: Getting Wild in Thailand & Cambodia


The couple has caused a little bit of a stir by being featured in this photo petting a baby tiger. Although the shot is one-of-a-kind, animal rights groups are speaking out against promoting tigers in captivity. Besides that, and on a lighter note, Jay-Z and Queen B spent their time in Thailand sight-seeing and even sat ring-side during a Muay Thai fight. While it seems like the trip was mostly for pleasure, Jay-Z was actually doing a little research during the fight, as his business Roc Nation Sports’ latest endeavors is in fact within the ring.

September: An $800,000 Yacht to France

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For Beyonce’s 33rd birthday, Jay-z paid $800,000 to hire a luxury yacht to take the couple to the South of France and several other locations in September of 2014., which put rumors of a split to rest. The September trip continued the couple’s tradition of going away on a birthday yacht for Beyonce’s big day.

April: Beyonce & Jay-Z Do Spring Break

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While yours and my kind of spring break might have included our parents helping us foot the bill for a sloppy, run-of-the-mill all-inclusive stay in the DR, Jay-Z and Beyonce’s version of a Dominican Republican spring break was a little different. Instead of staying at some typical resort, the power couple stayed in their own private cabana. The two were reportedly celebrating their wedding anniversary.

February: Beyonce & Jay-Z Do Valentine’s Day


Their spring-break romp came a couple months after the two had their first trip to the DR, where they stayed at Casa de Campo the week before Valentine’s Day. Here, they stayed at Punta Minitas #34, an oceanside estate that has previously hosted celebrities such as Drake and the Kardashians.