The Top 5 Most Expensive and Luxurious Ways to Fly

If you’re mega-rich, you can travel anywhere, in almost any way you like. If a millionaire wants to fly somewhere, you have countless options, from coach to first class and beyond.

The Top 5 Most Expensive and Luxurious Ways to Fly

Today’s first class means things like getting a private chauffeur, an apartment in the sky, and even a butler.

So let’s count down the most expensive and luxurious ways to fly.

#5) Cathay Pacific First Class

On Hong Kong-based airline Cathy Pacific, first class means being treated like royalty. From the moment you arrive at the airport, you get the top of the line champagnes and even caviar.

Tired? You can reserve a private cabana like the one below where you can sleep and take a bath in.

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On board the plane, you’ve got a huge space to relax. Instead of ten seats per row in the back, there are 3 seats per row. The seats are well over 6 feet long, so there are no legroom worries.

And when you want to sleep, every seat can be converted to a bed — with top of the line linens — by the amazing flight attendants.

#4) Singapore Suites

Singapore Airlines takes first class one step further by giving its mega rich passengers private suites, which can be combined to form double beds.

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Singapore offers the mega-rich what they call “Singapore Suites”, which are essentially mini private rooms in the air. Each room contains a large seat which converts to a bed, and it’s enclosed on all four sides for privacy.

But what’s most amazing about these Singapore Suites is that if you’re traveling with a companion, two suites can be combined to form a giant double bed.

The flight attendants will ensure your comfort, even spreading rose pedals on the bed for you.

And if you’re hungry, you can order a lobster or a filet mignon anytime for a meal.

#3) Etihad First Apartments

When it comes to over the top travel, the Middle Eastern airlines are king. And UAE based airline Etihad is the top of the top.

Etihad has two different options for the rich. The first is the Ethiad First Apartment.

The First Apartment is a mini suite in the sky. Like the Singapore Suites, there is a bed and two Apartments can be combined into a larger room. But unlike Singapore Suites, each Apartment has a separate bed and couch.

Photo credit: Etihad Airlines

On these flights, you can have your companion “come over” for a meal, with top of the line foods from all over the world.

#2) The Etihad Residence

If you’re mega-rich instead of just rich, the Etihad Apartment may be too small for you.

But not to worry — Etihad still has you covered with their “Residence” suite.

The Residence suite has a separate living room and bedroom, as well as a private luxury bathroom with a shower.


The living room has a giant couch with a large screen TV, and is totally enclosed. The bedroom is also fully enclosed and contains a large double bed. The bathroom contains top-of-the-line fixtures, including a private shower.

But that’s not all. Need something? You can call your private butler. The butler will serve you food, help with travel arrangements, or almost anything else.

#1) Private

But for some mega-rich, flying commercial just won’t do. For those people there’s always flying private.

Private planes have everything above, plus much more.

Photo credit: Gulfstream

Private flights can cost up to several hundred thousand dollars per hour and can take you nearly anywhere nowadays.

If you want to be part of the mega-rich club, you have to have one of these.