• Epic Meal Time / Harley Morenstein Net Worth 2018

    Epic Meal Time is a Youtube channel featuring a Canadian cooking show where Harley Morenstein and team create extravagant meals. The show is both a comedy and how-to program. The show have attracted over 7 million subscribers and 800 million video views since it debuted in 2010.

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    So what is Epic Meal Time / Harley Morenstein net worth in 2018? What are Epic Meal Time / Harley Morenstein’s salary/earnings? Read on…

    Epic Meal Time / Harley Morenstein Career, Earnings, Salary

    Harley Morenstein is the man behind the popular YouTube channel Epic Meal Time. The show revolves around incredibly decadent and lavish dishes involving plenty of calories, meat and alcohol.

    The idea behind the whole channel started when he ordered a Wendy’s burger with 6 patties and a lot of bacon and ate it to the theme song of the popular movie The Terminator. Following the success of the video upon posting it on YouTube, they made it official by filming their first episode of Epic Meal Time which was posted on October 17, 2010.

    The show features mostly Harley Morenstein. He also co-created the show with Sterling Toth and Alex “Muscle Glasses” Perrault. Before launching his YouTube career, Morenstein used to be a substitute high school teacher from Montreal. Aside from the 3, they also feature several other people such as Concordia University students, popular YouTubers, musicians and even mainstream celebrities including Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Due to the lavishness of the show, they rely solely on merchandise, ad revenue, and sponsorship for the funding. They’ve also participated in referral programs with big companies such as Netflix.

    Following the success of the channel, Morenstein has quit his job as a substitute teacher and started working on YouTube fulltime. He also won a Shorty Award in 2011. He also made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in the same year.

    Following a legal disagreement between Sterling and Morrenstein, Sterling Toth has left the show. Perrault also left the show in 2013 following similar conflicts with the Morrenstein brothers.

    They were previously signed with Revision3 before parting ways with network in 2012. In 2012, they also released a mobile game for Android and iOS titled EpicMealTime.

    Morenstein admits that the show takes inspiration from Jackass as it often shows ridiculously extravagant meals as sort of culinary stunts. The inspiration is seen clearly by the logo as it is clearly derivative of the Jackass logo.

    Epic Meal Time / Harley Morenstein Net Worth 2018: How Much Money Does Epic Meal Time / Harley Morenstein Have?

    Harley Morenstein’s Epic Meal Time channel has become extraordinarily successful on YouTube with over 7 million subscribers and 800 million views. The ad income from the channel amounts to several hundred thousand dollars. Harley Morenstein and team earn additional income through merchandising.as well as a video game based on the Epic Meal Time theme. Harley Morenstein has also appeared in a few TV shows and films.

    In all, we estimate Epic Meal Time / Harley Morenstein net worth in 2018 at around $7 million..

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