Emma Roberts’ Net Worth

Emma Roberts has come a long way from her 2004 debut as Addie Singer in Nickelodeon’s Unfabulous. With an Oscar-nominated father and as the niece of Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts, Emma was pretty much destined for greatness from the very beginning.

Emma Roberts’ Net Worth

After starring in her first TV show, Roberts went on to star in several other teen-geared movies, like 2007’s Aquamarine. With age, she began to perform in more mature roles, like in 2013’s R-Rated We’re the Millers.

But it arguably wasn’t until Roberts began a two-season stint on Ryan Murphy’s fan-favorite American Horror Story that her acting chops truly were discovered.

Premiering on Season 3 of AHS, Roberts went on to be a staple character in the 4th season, which led to her role in the highly anticipated and critically acclaimed Scream Queens on Fox.

Likely to be a long-running series, Roberts is also likely to be in the position of accepting more and more serious roles as her career expands.

When considering Roberts’ net worth, factoring in her long-term success with several popular TV series and previous lucrative endorsement deals with big-name companies like Neutrogena, Roberts has done well for herself in a short amount of time.

Emma Roberts’ net worth is $15,000,000.