Don Rickles Net Worth 2018: How Much Was Don Rickles Worth At Death?

Don Rickles was one of comedy’s greats. He is known all over the world for his stand-up — mostly insult — comedy. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2018. But he had a large estate to pass on to his heirs. So what was Don Rickles net worth? Read on…

Don Rickles Net Worth 2018: How Much Was Don Rickles Worth At Death?

Don Rickles: Comedian, Superstar

Don Rickles got started in comedy after completing a tour in the military in the 1940s. He tried to get into acting first, but he wasn’t really able to find work. So he decided to try stand-up.

Surprisingly, Rickles wasn’t that funny as a stand-up comedian. But what he was good at was responding to the people in the audience who heckled him. It turned out that people found his attacks on hecklers to be funnier than his actual jokes…and so, a star was born.

Don Rickles did many films in the 1950s-1970s, including some well known classic films, like Get Smart and Run Silent, Run Deep. He was also a staple of comedy shows, like the Tonight Show, as well as celebrity roasts.

Through the 90s-2000s, Rickles did mostly walk-on bits on different shows, including sitcoms, and late-night shows. He also did voices, like Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story.

Don Rickles Builds A Fortune on Comedy

Don Rickles was most popular in the 1950s-1970s, and during that time, the giant 9-figure film and music contracts that are common today were virtually unheard of.

Instead, Rickles earned more traditional pay for much of his career. His roasts and stand-up appearances did not earn him large amounts — either up-front or in royalties.

However, he recently did some very popular projects, such as the Toy Story franchise, which — with royalties — added to his net worth.

Don Rickles Net Worth 2018

So what was Don Rickles net worth in 2018? We estimate that at the time of his passing, Don Rickles was worth anywhere between $30-45 million.

Photo: Loren Javier