Despite The Split Rumors Jennifer Garner and John Miller Are Still “Solid And In Love”

On Tuesday, December 11, Entertainment Tonight reported that Jennifer Garner and her new boyfriend were slowing things down, a month after broke the news of their relationship in October.  The fans of the actress can rest assured because it seems there is no end in sight for these new lovebirds. Jennifer Garner and John Miller are still going strong despite speculation that their relationship might have been put on hold. A source close to the couple has confirmed that “they are solid as a couple and committed to each other.”  The insider also added that the couple “are stronger than ever and they are still spending a lot of time together.”

Despite The Split Rumors Jennifer Garner and John Miller Are Still “Solid And In Love”

The Cali Group (a company that owns Miso Robotics and a chain of about fifty CaliBurger restaurants) CEO typically spends the night at 13 Going On 30 actress’ house “because it’s easier to be unnoticed there.” The same insider also dished out that the couple even went away to spend quality time together over the Thanksgiving weekend. The couple has been together for over six months, and things are getting pretty serious. Friends close to the couple have noted that Jen brings out the best in John, and they are the happiest they have probably ever been. The (relatively) new relationship is said to be a loving and a healthy one.

Garner is said to be “extremely happy” with her new boyfriend and has been making it a priority to spend as much quality time with him as possible. Miller’s stable love and support is a breath of fresh air after the issues she has faced with her ex-husband, Ben Affleck’s sobriety. Two months ago Affleck relapsed again, and Garner was photographed driving him back to rehab. Talking about this testing time, the source added that Miller isn’t “jealous” and understands Jen is committed to helping Ben get his life back together.

Ben Affleck got into a new relationship soon after the couple separated. Jen Garner, on the other hand, took her time jumping into a new romance and now “does refer to John as her boyfriend.” So how does Miller feel about his new lady love? The source confirms he can’t get enough of her and is “head over heels in love with Jennifer.”

Affleck and Garner finalized their divorce last month after three years of separation. The former couple share custody of their three children: Violet, 12, Seraphina, 8 and Samuel, 6. With Garner’s support, the Batman actor completed a 40 day stay in a rehab center for alcohol addiction. The one thing that both Garner and Affleck seem to agree on is giving their kids the best possible life. They’re trying to be the best co-parents they can be to their children. The Peppermint actress’s boyfriend, Miller, has no problem with that and is focused on supporting her in any way he can.