Channing Tatum Debuts His Hot Looks with Ripped Abs

Channing Tatum Debuts His Hot Looks with Ripped Abs. Tatum has undergone a body makeover, after the injuries he has suffered. Channing has also gone through serious personal issues like his split with Jessie J, earlier in 2020. Channing posted his new sizzling hot photo on Instagram, in which he was looking snazzy. Channing’s shirtless image, which went viral in a few hours. The Step Up star was donned in black pants and held his phone and showed off his cut torso. He captioned the photo that “It’s a long road.” He mentioned that he is back, but it isn’t what the 40-year-old star referred to. However, it could be assumed that Channing was referring to his new role in Dog – a movie he is co-directing. The movie’s plot surrounds an army ranger who travels across the coast of California along with his dog to attend the funeral of a friend.

Channing Tatum Debuts His Hot Looks with Ripped AbsImage Credit: Empire

He also said in the post that it took a lot of time for this fitness transformation. Channing’s new hot looks make everyone crazy, and there is a buzz over her shirtless photo on the internet. 

Source: Instagram

Channing’s Split with Jessie J

It’s quite hard to keep up Channing and Jessie’s relation. The couple started hooking up in 2018 and since then has split twice and reconciled twice. However, in April 2020, they separate and haven’t reconciled till yet. According to some inside sources, the couple still cares about each other and has no hard feelings. The couple has tried to give another shot to their love life, but it seems like they aren’t successful. 

Channing has repeatedly said that before committing with anyone else, he wants to work on himself. However, it wants to relish life. Channing has no time to give attention to Jessie, as many other women are in line to date the handsome actor. 

Channing Tatum Debuts His Hot Looks with Ripped Abs

Channing has truly gone through a frame makeover. The actor has again proved that despite all the tough situations he has to go through in his life, from love broke up to physical injuries, he has managed to give a strong come back. His new shirtless photo is undoubtedly a sensation. Tatum is truly the new beau of Americans. 

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