Billy Bush Net Worth 2018: He Made WHAT From Being Fired? But Will He Lose It All In The Split With His Wife?

Today, it has been reported that Billy Bush, who became famous due to his appearance on the famous Trump tapes from last year, has split with his wife of 20 years. Bush’s wife, Sydney Davis, and he will be going on would they call a “short-term break”. However, many are suggesting that Bush and Davis are completely over.

Billy Bush Net Worth 2018: He Made WHAT From Being Fired? But Will He Lose It All In The Split With His Wife?

So what is Billy Bush net worth? How much will he lose in a potential divorce? Read on…

Billy Bush career and earnings

Although Billy Bush began his five minutes of fame when a recording was discovered of Bush and Donald Trump discussing women on a bus in 2018, Bush was in the media for far longer than that.

In fact, Billy Bush is a member of the Bush family, related to George HW Bush, and George W. Bush. Nevertheless, Billy Bush did not start quite as high as some of his relatives.

He began his career earning relatively little on radio show in New Hampshire. He got numerous radio show hosting jobs from their, and eventually got an actual morning show of his own. Bush continued to do radio shows throughout his career.

From the radio, Bush worked his way into TV, getting roles hosting different programs, such as Access Hollywood and others. Bush worked for Access Hollywood in a number of roles, even becoming a producer.

In early 2018, Billy Bush got a lucky break, and was able to move to host NBC’s flagship morning program, Today. However that job was short-lived, because that Trump “grab em by the p***y” recording came out, and Bush was fired.

Billy Bush Net Worth 2018

Billy Bush did very well in his career. Although he didn’t start out making too much money, he started to earn a lot during his time at Access Hollywood and then with NBC.

His most lucrative contract was for hosting the Today show on NBC, which was rumored to be in the $3-4 million/year range. However, that contract was severed after the Trump tape came out.

Nevertheless, Bush was able to broker a settlement with NBC, and he received a $9 million settlement, according to the NY Post.

In total we estimate Billy Bush net worth at $15 million. If he gets divorced, his future net worth would be closer to $10 million.

Photo: Daniel SL