• The Biggest Crowdfunding Success Stories

    Thanks to the global accessibility the internet gives to us, we are able to empathize and give to the plight of others all over the world. This is best done through what is known as crowdfunding, a way to raise a large overall sum of money for a cause or individual by collecting small sums from many. Here’s a feel-good list of the causes and people who have received the most money through the most-used crowdfunding sites.

    The Biggest Crowdfunding Success Stories

    1. The Coolest Cooler Via Kickstarter: $13,285,226

    Whether or not you’ve heard of the Coolest Cooler, its described by creator Ryan Grepper as a “portable party.” It’s a cooler that will retail for about $299 and includes a blender, waterproof bluetooth speakers, USB charger, cutting board, and bottle opener. Yeah, pretty much everything you look for and curse yourself for not bringing during a tailgate. The super cool idea took just 52 days to get over 62,000 backers and raise the incredible amount of money, making it the most successful Kickstart campaign ever. Shipping for the coolers is set to begin this summer.

    2.The Kermit Gosnell Movie Via IndieGoGo: $2,241,043

    IndieGoGo is becoming another popular crowdfunding site for creators working in various fields to reach out to the public in order to help fund their endeavors. The Gosnell Movie is an example of this, and thanks to the funding it received to make it IndieGoGo’s most successfully funded project, it will be made. The film focuses on the true story of Kermit Gosnell, a sadistic doctor who ran an abortion clinic in Philadelphia who was convicted for his crimes in 2013. The movie has sparked a lot of controversy because the filmmakers claim many are afraid to touch on the issue of abortion in anything but a liberal fashion.

    3 The TCS NYC Marathon Via Crowdrise: $17,876,323

    The New York City marathon typically raises lots of money for charity, but by teaming up with Crowdrise, the two annually raise millions and millions of dollars to divide among charitable causes. In 2014, Crowdrise raised $17,876,323 for charity. In 2011, it raised over $26 million.

    4.Saving Eliza Via GoFundMe: $1,834,840

    Eliza is a four-year-old girl who was tragically diagnosed with Sanfilippo Syndrome, a fatal genetic disease. The GoFundMe account was created to raise money for a potentially life-saving trial at the Researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital so that Eliza and other sufferers have a fighting chance. Eliza and her family have now surpassed their goal of $1,800,000.

    5. Bitvore Via Fundable: $1,700,000

    Fundable specifically focuses on the investment into small business ideas, and Bitvore is one of its biggest success stories. Bitvore is data-mining and intelligence software seeking to make data more user-friendly. The company ultimately pulled together more than $4,500,000 to get its start, a significant portion of it thanks to crowdfunding.

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