Patek Philippe Owned By Andy Warhol Going Up For Auction

Warhol’s vintage timepiece features an 18-karat solid gold case — complete with bunny ear-style lugs — and a classic black lizard-skin strap.

Andy Warhol was a collector of many things, including fine watches. Andy Warhol was an avid collector of watches and he was particularly fond of the Patek Philippe brand.

Patek Philippe Owned By Andy Warhol Going Up For Auction

When he wasn’t in his New York City studio advancing the visual arts and creating iconic pop artworks, Warhol was amassing a personal collection of over 300 time pieces, the most beloved of which he kept in a canopy hung over his bed.


This rectangular Ref. 2503, circa 1952, from Warhol’s personal collection is surely no exception. With a range of elegant details and ample documentation to accompany the watch, this is a terrific piece for art enthusiasts and Patek Philippe aficionados alike.


Upon first seeing the rare Ref. 2503, collectors will immediately notice the ‘bunny ear lugs’ on the sharp, 18K yellow gold Markowsky case, which give this reference somewhat of a whimsical yet highly refined look when secured to the wrist by the original black lizard strap.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the watch has a distinct depth to it when on the wrist, thanks to the domed crystal that follows the curvature of the case. All of this is tied together beautifully by the clean aesthetic of the dial, with its applied numerals and slender leaf-shaped hands that are sure to excite for generations to come.

The ultimate collector’s item, Christie’s estimates that the timepiece will go for anywhere between $50,000 and $100,000 USD at auction.