Air Jordan Retail Prices Are Approaching High Fashion Heights

If you’re going to purchase a pair of Gucci or Burberry shoes/sneakers, you expect to pay well over $400. That may not be the same mindset for a pair of Jordans, unless they sold out and you need to pay resale. However, even the retail prices of Air Jordan sneakers are approaching that of the aforementioned high fashion brands.

Air Jordan Retail Prices Are Approaching High Fashion Heights

On Saturday, July 8, 2018 the Jordan brand will have released another sneaker in their premium line of sneakers. The Air Jordan 5 Pinnacle is not just carrying a high-fashioned price, it is also taking high-fashioned notes in terms of styling.

A full leather build is a change from the cheaper nubuck material that was being used for the retro models. Added high-fashioned style notes include a ribbed panel where a plastic mesh would usually sit.

For this premium model, you will be shelling out a whopping $400. That’s the same price that can buy you a pretty nice pair of high-fashioned sneakers. So, will these sit? Or will Jordan Brand have another hit on their hands?

Considering the fact that the sneaker model was priced around $125 in the 90s, we’d say that this price is definitely a shocker. Being a sneaker-head/collector is sure to become a lot harder if this keeps up.