Aamir Khan’s Upcoming Film: Remake of Forrest Gump

Isn’t an exciting: Tom Hanks back as Lal Singh Chaddha

Aamir Khan

On his 54th birthday, megastar Aamir Khan told the media that the classic movie Forrest Gump is back in Hindi Version and he will perform the role of Lal Singh Chaddha. According to Khan, Forrest Gump is a complete family movie; it was an Oscar movie and one of the blockbusters of its time. Mr. charming Aamir told the media that the shooting would start in upcoming October and he has to put off 20Kgs to play the role of Tom Hanks in this movie.

Aamir told the reporters that he would not only play the lead role as Lal Singh Chaddha but will also work as a producer along with the famous director Advait Chanda. The Dangal will have to undergo a physical transformation. The movie was a classic one, and it’s very challenging for Aamir to remake better than the original. The Hindi version of Forrest Gump would be titled as “Lal Singh Chadda”.

Forrest Gump is based on a novel by Winston’s Groom, which revolves around the American historical events. The Indian remake of the movie will be focusing on Indian historical events. Mr. Khan is expecting the release of the film in upcoming 2020. Fans keep your fingers crossed, a blockbuster is coming a way ahead.

Aamir Khan’s Last appearance was in “Thugs of Hindustan” now let’s watch out how this time the upcoming project rings up. In his last projects like Dangal, PK and Secret Super Star; the box Office was showing the highest ratings. We can’t wait to see if “Lal Singh Chaddha” performs at the same pace or will it hit the Indian cinema and globally next year?

It’s a great challenge for Aamir Khan to remake the multiple Oscar Winner including the best director and best producer awards, and we can’t wait to see.