• The 8 Most Expensive Parties: Birthdays, Championships, and More

    When Giancarlo Stanton signed his $325,000,000 contract with the Miami Marlins, he made headlines after celebrating with a $20,000 bottle of champagne– one of only 60 of the Moet Nectar Imperial Rose Leopard Luxury Edition Methuselah gold-coated bottles. Here are some other big champagne spenders.

    The 8 Most Expensive Parties: Birthdays, Championships, and More

    Rapper Young Jeezy, Atlanta, GA: $50,000

    Young Jeezy arrived at an ATL nightclub by helicopter to buy the same bottle of champagne as Stanton only a couple of months earlier. But get this, not only did Jeezy drop the $20K on the massive bottle of bubbly, he also bought the more reasonably priced $350 Moet Nectar Imperial Rose champagne bottle for his guests. The catch? He bought 100 of them.
    At least Jeezy saved some of the golden nectar for home, because pictures show him carting the gigantic bottle back with him in his ride after the party ended. No word on how he bypassed Georgia’s pesky open container laws with that sparkler.

    Dallas Maverick’s Owner Mark Cuban, Miami, FL: $90,000

    Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, celebrated his team’s win of the 2011 NBA Championship against the Miami Heat with a $90,000 purchase of Armand de Brignac, a flagship cuvee that was introduced in 2006.

    Basketball Star Lebron James, Las Vegas, NV: $109,400

    Jeezy isn’t the only generous celeb out there. Basketball super-star Lebron James reportedly spent $50,000 on one bottle of Cristal and even more on individual bottles- 33 of them at $1,800 a piece. That’s a total of $109,400 on champagne alone.

    Boston Bruins team members, Mashantucket, CT, $100,000

    $100,000 is what Boston’s NHL team, the Bruins, spent on a single bottle of the Armand de Brignac’s 30 liter champagne. The “Ace of Spades Midas” champagne that six of the team’s members bought to celebrate winning 2011’s Stanley Cup at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. It was one of six bottles made and is the largest bottle of luxury champagne in the world. The $100k bottle is lined with velvet and crafted entirely by hand. Pictures of the guys drinking champagne out of the actual Stanley Cup trophy are probably the best thing to happen to the sport of hockey.

    Rapper/Entrepreneur Jay-Z, Miami, FL: $250,000

    When Jay-Z celebrated his Watch the Throne album release at LIV Nightclub in Miami, he celebrated with none other than Armand de Brignac, which he actually now owns. (We’re sure it’s not a coincidence that Armand de Brignac is now the show-off champagne of choice after Jay-Z made the switch to it from Cristal).
    While he spent $100,000 on one bottle of a 15-liter Ace of Spades, the rest of the tab came from purchasing bottle after bottle of individual Armand de Brignacs. His celebration came only months after both Cuban and the Bruins’ celebrations, with rumor having it that Jay-Z wanted to win the record of most Armand de Brignac purchased.

    Professional Gambler Don Johnson, London: $256,000

    After travelling to London to watch friend Jon Bon Jovi perform, professional gambler Don Johnson spent $120,000 on a 30 liter bottle produced by none other than, you guessed it, Armand de Brignac, pouring it on guests while serenading them with Bon Jovi songs.
    While Johnson might have some stiff competition to make his reported goal of being the biggest spender in nightclubs across the world, the dude has definitely solidified himself as a legend. Johnson made his fortune by beating casinos out of a total of $15,100,000, but he earns his name by dropping six figures on champagne all while singing Bon Jovi.

    Financial Adviser Charles Shaker, Monaco: $400,000

    But really, there ain’t no party like a Arman de Brignac party hosted by the Billionaire Club Monaco. Party guest and British millionaire Charles Shaker bought one round of drinks for himself and powerful guests. That one round, a bottle of Armand De Brignac Gold ‘Dynastie,’ cost him over $400,000.
    Major cool points because of the existence of a YouTube video that shows the club’s DJ shouting-out Shaker’s purchase of the first of the Dyanastie bottle’s in the world. Also cool points because it took 12 servers to serve it. Cool points all around to the guy we’ve never heard of aside from this.

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