• The 2018 Squander Awards: The Best Frugal Living Websites

    Welcome to the 2018 Annual Squander Awards for the best websites about living well, without “squandering” your money.  Every year, we find the top blogs about frugal living and money saving.   We went through hundreds of websites, and our readers selected these sites as the best of the best. They are definitely worth a tweet.

    The 2018 Squander Awards: The Best Frugal Living Websites

    So here are our 2018 winners:

    Skinted Minted Mum

    Skinted Minted Mum is a blog that offers family finance tips for every budget. It has two sections — skinted (for really living frugally) and minted (for saving money on high end experiences).  You can find great ideas on how to organize events, gardening, having fun or traveling without spending too much.  Our readers love the tips and tricks in the minted section.

    Adventures of Frugal Mom

    Adventures of Frugal Mom is all about family life on a budget. Run by Melissa, it covers everything that most mums need: frugal tips, recipes, crafts, parenting and pet tips. You can also find funny stories about her family’s travel adventures.  This blog has exceptional resources that explain how to live well without spending a lot, including traveling inexpensively and DIY solutions to problems.

    Color Me Frugal

    Color Me Frugal is all about frugal living, tips on saving, and making extra money. The blog helps readers live frugally, pay off debt, and build up income.

    Frugal in Singapore

    Anyone who has ever been to Singapore knows it’s expensive with a capital “E”.  Although it is a beautiful city, it seems like only the richest people can afford it…But maybe that’s not the case.  Frugal in Singapore is about frugal life in Singapore, one of the most expensive cities in the world. Spring Sun, a certified financial planner, provides financial advice on saving money, based on her own experiences. Her useful tips and interesting stories can help people to live frugally and have a better, happier life.

    Be Clever With Your Cash

    Andy Webb is passionate about frugality and sharing ideas for making the most of your money. He offers tips on saving, coming from his own experience. You can also find about great deals and the best places for bargains.

    The Thrifty Couple

    The Thrifty Couple is all about frugal living — based on the experiences of a couple who had huge debts. They learned how to plan a budget and save money in every area. Through their blog, they encourage others to achieve their financial goals as well.  Our readers love their great tips, like how to get beauty products for free, and how to safely buy used tires.

    Lotty Earns

    Lotty Earns blog is run by Charlotte, who enjoys frugality and fancy things at the same time. Here you can find great deals and tips on how to save money on some really amazing stuff, like business class airline tickets and high end vacations. 

    Frugal Foodie Mama

    Frugal Foodie Mama provides inexpensive recipes for tasty food, followed by beautiful photos. You can also find a lot of money saving and family-friendly tips on this blog run by Carrie, a stay-at-home mom.  Want to make gourmet meals and desserts, without spending a fortune? This is the site for you.  Our readers also loved the money saving travel guides.

    Shoestring Cottage

    Jane from Shoestring Cottage shares her money saving tips and ideas on saving and increasing income. She blogs about her frugal (but posh) lifestyle, including growing her own food, cooking healthy inexpensive meals, buying second-hand and making the most of her money. Because she saves so much money (and teaches readers how to do so), she can afford to live extremely well and travel the world.

    Dividend Diplomats

    Dividend Diplomats is run by two guys in their Mid-20’s. They blog about investing, dividend income, and frugality, trying to encourage people to find their way to financial freedom.  Some of the things that this excellent site covers: how to travel the world, while still making income, and how to refresh your home without spending a lot of money.

    Money Nuggets

    MoneyNuggets is a career and personal finance blog for women. It is focused on financial education, so that women can have financial freedom.   Here you will find advice on making money and living, as well as tips on saving and living on a budget. 

    Mrs. Mummypenny

    Lynn James started her blog, Mrs. Mummypenny to share her money-saving tips with readers. She writes about lifestyle, food, fashion, interiors, and travel. Her site is all about how to make the most out of your money. 

    Reduced Grub

    Reduced Grub is Kelly’s blog where she shares her travel adventures and recipes for tasty frugal meals. You can also read money saving tips and product reviews.  She also has some cool, and inexpensive ideas for things to do with the kids.

    Frugal and Thriving

    Frugal and Thriving is all about living the good life on a budget. Here you can find tips on budget planning, saving money, frugal recipes, and crafts — and learn how frugality can bring you a happy and healthy life. Some of the posts our readers love: how to get free movies and magazines, how to save for a home deposit, and handmade gift ideas.

    Thinking Thrifty

    Thinking Thrifty is all about achieving financial freedom. David Jack Taylor, a founder and editor, gives you tips on money making and saving, personal development, lifestyle, and thrifty recipes. He shows that it is possible to have a good life while spending less.  The site has topics that vary from saving money on contacts to buying things on Facebook.

    Picky Pinchers

    Picky Pinchers is a frugality and lifestyle blog that helps people to save money and pay off debt. You will find great ideas for frugal living and tasty recipes that make you live a better life on less.

    Frugal Nurse

    Frugal Nurse learned from her own experience that healthcare is often inadequate and too expensive for ordinary people. As a professional nurse for over 30 years, she shares the information, tips, and resources to help people to get proper medical treatment — while not spending all of their money.

    Miss Frugal Mommy

    Miss Frugal Mommy blog is run by Heather, mum of three. She shares information on frugal life, crafts, recipes, family travel, parenting advice and also family friendly product reviews.  Some of the posts our readers like the most: how to save for college, and how to save money while traveling with a family.

    She Picks Up Pennies

    She Picks Up Pennies is a blog about personal finance and purposeful life. The author, Penny, blogs about saving and investing from her own experience paying off debt. Also, she provides tips on organizing, traveling, exercising, and how to live more purposefully.

    Much More With Less

    Much More with Less shares information and ideas on frugal living. The site is about moving to the country and living a good life on less money. Here, you can find great tips on everything from frugal recipes, meal planning, and gardening to personal development and investing for the future.

    Frugal Hausfrau

    On Frugal Hausfrau, Mollie shares her recipes for cheap but delicious meals on her blog. She also gives great tips on how to plan your meals and budget, make food and live frugally.  There are tips of all kinds, including bathroom money-saving tips, and school money-saving tips.

    Twin Cities Frugal Mom

    Want to know how to travel like a millionaire for pennies? This is the right blog for you. Twin Cities Frugal Mom is run by Lisa, who is dedicated to frugal living. This site shows how to get only the best things for your family, on a meager budget. Lisa enjoys blogging about money saving tips, as well as ideas for fun and cheap family adventures. Here, you can also find great deals and events, local and national freebies, reviews, giveaways and much more.

    The Frugal Cottage

    The Frugal Cottage is an award-winning personal finance blog run by Nicola who knows how to make the most out of her money. She posts about her family’s everyday frugal life, useful tips and tasty recipes aiming to show people that living a more simple and happier life is possible on a budget.  The site has great resources for investing, starting a business, and reducing costs.

    Just Save

    Just Save provides saving tips for everyday people. It helps you to plan your budget, increase income and savings to live a debt-free life. 

    My Mummy’s Pennies

    Jan writes about carefully spending every penny, providing useful tips on saving money while still getting the best quality products. Recipes for cheap, quality and tasty meals, product reviews, and much more can be found on the My Mummy’s Pennies blog.  

    Frugal Shopaholics

    Frugal Shopaholics is run by two friends that love to shop. They blog about fashion and designer shopping sticking to a budget. They show it’s possible both to live frugally and be trendy.

    Ms Frugal Ears

    Can you live on $2/day? Ms. Frugal Ears can. Serina Bird blogs about her frugal lifestyle. She provides tips how to live well while saving and investing for future. For her, being a frugalista means living simply, eating well and looking fashionable without spending a lot.

    Emma’s Savvy Savings

    Emma’s Savvy Savings offers tips on saving and making money and personal finance. Our readers’ favorite posts were money saving tips on everything from wedding decorations to sending letters. Emma writes also on bargain sales to inspire people to find another amazing deal. Her stories about travel and family life show how you can be frugal and still living the good life.

    Katy Kicker

    Katy Kicker is a personal finance blog where money making and saving tips can be found. Some of the great resources on the site: how to buy in bulk and save money, free events to enjoy, and money saving meal planning options.

    The Frugal Lifestyle

    Marissa Winfrey blogs about her frugal life, offering saving tips on shopping, travel, housing, home decor, and everything else. She also writes about business opportunities and methods to earn passive income, hoping to inspire others to live frugally.   Want to find out how to get a practically free cruise? This is the place to go.

    The Frugal Farmer

    The Frugal Farmer blog is about Rick & Laurie’s journey to financial freedom. They’ve learned from others and share gained knowledge about money, and now they’re sharing that to help people to become debt free. They write about personal finance, and of course saving money.

    Fab Frugal Mama

    Lisa enjoys bargains — but only on the best products. Her blog, Fab Frugal Mama is about saving money on the high end items, as well as, parenting, fashion, beauty and product reviews.  

    The Diary of a Frugal Family

    The Diary of a Frugal Family is a blog run by someone named Cass. She writes about the everyday frugal life of her family, as well as money saving ideas, and recipes for frugal meals. They live frugally so that they have money to spend on doing fun things together as a family.

    Feisty Frugal and Fabulous

    Feisty Frugal & Fabulous is run by Tenille Lafontaine, mom of three. She shares her tips and tricks on how to live frugally.  It also includes reviews and giveaways on products and provides recipes for tasty meals.

    Cheap Students

    Cheap Students helps students save money and reduce their debt. Lauren Bernardo writes about setting goals, as well as how to save and make the most of your money. There are also stories about cooking, shopping or traveling on a budget.

    Thrifty Lesley

    Lesley blogs mostly about frugal meals, providing almost 500 recipes with information about calories, fat, and of course cost per portion. You can also find great tips on saving money on daily activities.

    Thrifty Home

    Thrifty Home is an interior design blog about creating a beautiful home in a frugal manner. Here you can find guides on decorating rooms and furniture, creating the perfect garden and more — all on a tight budget. 

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