• Rupert Grint breaks Sir David Attenborough’s Instagram Record

    Harry Potter star Rupert Grint has broken the record of Sir David Attenborough. He crossed a million followers milestone on Instagram in a few hours. It’s 43 minutes quicker than Sir David, according to the Guinness World Record Book. He dubbed himself as Grint on the Gram and shared a snap of himself along with his daughter and captioned that he wants to introduce his six-month-old daughter. Harry Potter star Rupert is once again hitting the headlines as he has set a new record, and now we have to wait for who will be the next celebrity to break the fastest one million followers on Instagram. 

    Rupert Grint breaks Sir David Attenborough's Instagram RecordImage Credit: Guinness World Record

    Rupert Grint – Sensation Among 90s Kids

    Rupert Grint or more popularly known as Ron Weasley, for his iconic character in the Harry Potter series is the new social media sensation. Rupert is highly popular among the 90s kids or the millennials. He has been truly remembered as a child star. Rupert Grint has penetrated the realm of IG and is now holding a record of the fastest million followers on the platform. Moreover, he has broken the record of Sir David Attenborough. Rupert Grint received the followers in four hours and one minute, while Sir David Attenborough received IG followers in four hours 44 minutes. Now, Grunt is actually ahead of him and stands at the first position of growing his followers on Instagram. After Harry Potter, Rupert has worked on several projects and has developed a concrete fan following around him. Undoubtedly the star of 90s kids still lives in their hearts. 

    Rupert Grint breaks Sir David Attenborough’s Instagram Record

    Source: Instagram

    Rupert Grint has created a Guinness World record of gaining more than one million followers only in four hours and one minute. He has broken sir David’s record. Behind them stands American actress Jennifer Aniston; she gained one million followers in five hours and 16 minutes. Undoubtedly, Grunt has smashed Instagram and has now become a new social media sensation. After landing on Instagram, the celebrity star has paved his way and is now relishing more than 3 million followers. Social media seems to be a red carpet for Rupert, and he will surely receive huge attention from the audience.

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