most expensive fidget spinner

Wtf? The Most Expensive Fidget Spinner Costs $700

Fidget Spinners are supposed to be cheap, easy to carry toys to waste time, not heirlooms that you need to keep in a vault.

But as with any fad, with the fidget spinner craze comes every type imaginable. And that includes some seriously expensive fidget spinners.

What are the most expensive fidget spinners?

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Most Expensive Fidget Spinner: Runners Up

The 9 gear fidget spinner is made up of 9 different gears meshed together. Although you can’t get these from the manufacturer anymore, you can find them on eBay for $300+. The gears are precision meshed, and the unit is CNC milled in steel. These are handmade works of art.

Revolve Makers makes a fidget spinner called the Alpha. At $200, this guy will put a serious dent in your wallet. The Alpha is CNC machined using aerospace tolerances, and the bearing is replaceable.

At $20 per bearing, it’s worth having a couple on hand in order to ensure your machine is running at its best.

Most Expensive Fidget Spinner

And the winner is…

The most expensive fidget spinner available is this one:

most expensive fidget spinner

It’s the “Bathgate Artifact Spinner”, made out of stainless steel and milled to perfection by the people at Revolve Makers (the same people who make the alpha).

The Bathgate fidget spinner is a $700 behemoth which is made using CNC milling and lathe machines. The bearing alone, at wholesale is $25.00, and it’s made out of hybrid ceramics.

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