most expensive dj houses

Most Expensive DJ Houses

[All about real-estate and nothin’ about who invented/influences house music]

DJ Zedd, the artist responsible for the hit single “Clarity,” recently purchased a gorgeous $3.9 million home in Hollywood, California that’s 3,443 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Pretty impressive for the recently-popular DJ, and with the increased popularity of EDM in general, that got us thinking about other pricey DJ pads.

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Dana Linn Bailey net worth

New Year, New You: Fitness Guru Dana Linn Bailey’s Net Worth

There are few better candidates out there to motivate you for your upcoming fitness new year resolutions. Dana Linn Bailey is an Instagram-famous professional body builder who has gained popularity through her competition wins, her  fitness camp and her clothing apparel endeavors. She owns a private gym that she opens to the public several times a month for seminar-style training days; these dates sell out almost instantly. She inspires her fan base comprised of over 500,000 followers with regular fitness posts through her Instagram, Facebook, and regularly updated blog.

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British Royal Family Spending

British Royal Family Spending: Prince William and Kate Middleton in NYC

For most of us average Americans, a trip to New York City is expensive any way you do it. Train, plane, rental car cost, and taxi fare all add up to a hefty transportation tab and room and board is a whole separate affair. Add in that you can’t get a cocktail for less than 10 dollars and that constant urge you get to donate to subway performers and you have officially drained your bank account. Add in the exorbitance of British royal family spending and the possibilities of excess spending is limitless.

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BMW new color

Starting At Around $10K, BMW Now Offers The Most Expensive Paint Job Ever

The BMW automobile just got a little pricier thanks to a little swath of silver.

BMW revealed its Individual Pure Metal Silver paint color this week, and for a sum of $10K, the sweet silver shine could be all yours. It leaves poor old Frozen Metallic Bronze in the dust, formally the most expensive BMW paint job available, ringing the register at $3,600. Continue reading


Net Worth: Chef-Turned-Rapper Action Bronson

Rapper Action Bronson, born Arian Asllani, has come a long way from the days of having his mom pay for his first mix tape. Though Bronson first started seeking out a career as a chef and still incorporates his love for cooking and food into his current endeavors, it was his talented rapping that started to pay the bills. Cut to three years later, and Bronson has signed over a million dollar record deal, is on a world tour, and is slated to release his first full album under a major record label in early 2015. How much is this man of many talents worth?

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What Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordon Belfort Would Have Really Spent

The Wolf of Wall Street is a movie dedicated to the act of Squandering. A man born in the middle class, the real-life Jordon Belfort had an insatiable thirst for money and wealth and used his manipulative intelligence to squander hundreds of millions dollar from investors using his sham company selling penny stocks.

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To waste in a foolish manner…specifically money