Leonardo DiCaprio's 2016 Net Worth

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At the 88th annual Oscars, Leonardo DiCaprio (America's favorite actor) finally became an Oscar-winner after years and years of anticipation.

Getting his career started as a TV actor, DiCaprio became a regular TV star in the early 1990s and began to act in films shortly after.

By 1993, DiCaprio had already received his first Oscar nomination for What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

But despite not having ever won an Oscar until this year, DiCaprio starred in countless impressive films and has accrued a nice net worth as a result.

Check out Leonardo DiCaprio's 2016 net worth below.

Sources say DiCaprio has starred in over 30 films, most notably including films like Titanic, Romeo + Juliet, The Departed, Inception, Blood Diamond and the Wolf of Wall Street.

Nearly every movie DiCaprio has graced with his presence has been some kind of major success in some respect.

In addition to acting, DiCaprio has also tried his hand as a producer; he must be doing fairly well doing so, because EarnTheNecklace.com says he's worth $6.5 million from that alone.

And when it comes to endorsements, EarntheNecklace says DiCaprio averages about $7 million a gig. Given that he does many, the site says DiCaprio has likely earned $77 millon in endorsements alone.

Thanks to his star power, which is only likely to increase significantly since his official Oscar win, he makes an average of $20 million a year, with some years better than others.

For the Wolf of Wall Street, for example, DiCaprio was paid $25 million for both producting and acting.

All things considered, Oscar-winning Leonardo DiCaprio's 2016 net worth is estimated to be $217 million.