Most Expensive House LA

Most expensive house in Los Angeles just sold for $102 million — in cash

Most Expensive House LA

Fleur de Lys, located on L.A.’s Westside, has changed hands for a sweet $102 million. It’s the highest-priced home sale ever recorded in L.A. County.

Two surprising points — the first is that there was a bidding war, which probably drove up the price, but the second is that the buyer paid cash. Cash. It’s the most expensive house in L.A. Cash. Cash.

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The winner of the five-acre estate, closing in just ten days, also bought the antique furnishings.

“I’ll take the house, everything inside, and throw in the wildlife and here’s $102 million all in five dollars bills because, well, because. Leave the keys under the mat.” [RE-ENACTMENT]

The 50,000-square-foot residence was built by socialite Suzanne Saperstein in 2002 with her then-husband David Saperstein. They divorced three years after work the last toilet was put in place and she first listed the property in 2007. Then the world went into the tank, she took it off the market, and recently relisted the property.

The LA Times is claiming Michael Milken is the owner. He was recently seen leaving a glassed-in ATM with a bucket full of five dollar bills.

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Is Michael Milken the buyer of $102-million Westside estate?  via LA Times 

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