Malcolm Young Net Worth 2017: What Was He Worth At Death? What Will Happen To His Money?

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Malcolm Young net worth 2017

AC/DC frontman Malcolm Young died today at the age of 64 years old. He was the co-founder of the band, and he spent decades being part of it.

So what is Malcolm Young net worth in 2017? What will happen to his estate? What are Malcolm Young's salary/earnings? Read on...

Malcolm Young Career, Earnings, Salary

Malcolm Young gut started in his career at the age of 20. His family was well known for its musical inclination, and they were very much involved in the AC/DC history.

Young was the guitarist, and he wrote a lof of the music that AC/DC is known for.

Young started AC/DC in the 1970, and it very quickly gained popularity. With a year, they were doing a national tour, and within three years, they had a huge schedule of recording.

They did several albums, with significant success, before their lead singer died. But Young wasn't always in the band. He developed alcoholism and had to leave. He spent some time replaced by his nephew.

Young also suffered from dementia in the 2010s, and he had to leave the band before eventually retiring. Young was inducted into the Hall of Fame (along with the rest of the band) in 2003.

Malcolm Young Net Worth 2017: How Much Money Does Malcolm Young Have?

Malcolm Young made a significant amount of money from record sales, as well as touring. AC/DC released over a dozen albums, several of which topped the charts.

Several of their albums went multi-platinum, and some went multi diamond (several times platinum).

A band generally makes about $1 per album sold, and AC/DC sold a total of over 200 million, meaning that the band brought in a good $200,000,000 from record sales alone. That's around $25-50 million for Malcolm Young.

But of course, that's just a small part of what artists make. Much of AC/DC's money came from shows. The band did over 20 tours, each of which generally pay between $15 and $40 million, netting Young around $3-5 million each time.

In all, we estimate Malcolm Young net worth in 2017 at the time of his death at $60-80 million. His estate will likely be passed on to his wife and 2 children.

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