Jesse Tyler Ferguson Net Worth

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Modern Family has gone on for about 8 seasons contractually and it may very well continue to grow. So after looking at the Sofia Vergara Net Worth, we decided to check out the Jesse Tyler Ferguson Net Worth.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Net Worth

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Ferguson happens to be one of the original cast members of Modern Family, a show that has been very lucrative for every single cast member.

After 8 contractual seasons, the show will renegotiate to see where the future lies. It's going to be pretty interesting to see if these stars make an increased in salary if renegotiations are positive.

In the meantime, Ferguson is reportedly making $350,000 per episode for season eight of Modern Family, which makes his net worth climb over past estimates.

Ferguson has also had roles on Broadway and film. Ferguson's father has been pushing him to pursue another career or project just in case Modern Family doesn't make it past season eight.

However, judging from the ongoing success of the show both with viewers and receiving plenty of acclamations form award shows, the show has a pretty big shot at longevity.

After exploring Ferguson's past net worth and his new salary for Modern family, we estimate that the Jesse Tyler Ferguson Net Worth is approximately $22 million.