Actress Kate Hudson Net Worth

When you’re mother is Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell is your stepfather, you know you’re destined for greatness. We decided to check out the Kate Hudson Net Worth, as the multi-talented actress branches off in to the retail world.

Kate Hudson Net Worth

(Kate Hudson Net Worth Below)

Hudson has been lighting up the film industry during her career but recently began slowing down a bit. That could be due to the fact that she is now in the fashion business with her Fabletics line.

The line blends fashion and athletic function together and it happens to be a pretty interesting market that women are flocking to. This is certainly a way to build her business portfolio and branch out with an entirely new career.

Hudson does have a love for singing and often shows just how incredible her voice is on Instagram. However, whether or not she will pursue a career in it is still in question.

Her earnings were on a bit of decline since her workload decreased, however, it still doesn’t stop her from having a very impressive net worth.

With her assets, earnings and expenses taken into consideration, we estimate that the Kate Hudson Net Worth is approximately $42 million.


Kate Upton Net Worth

The modeling industry is full of well-paid models who absolutely crush their cover shoots and spreads. We decided to take a look at one of the most popular ones with the Kate Upton Net Worth.

Kate Upton Net Worth

(Kate Upton Net Worth)

Upton happens to be a model who has also been able to break out into an acting career and much more. We reported that Upton was getting paid a whopping $40,000,000 to be the face of the Game of War franchise.

Breaking out into the mobile gaming industry was an impressive move by Upton and proved to be extremely lucrative. She also starred in the 2014 film, The Other Woman.

While The Other Woman wasn’t a huge hit film, it was still pretty successful and according to IMDB, Upton is also set to star in a couple of films that are in post-production at the moment.

As she continues to broaden her horizons, Upton still hasn’t forgotten her model roots and because of that she always has a shoot lined up for the most part.

Don’t expect Upton lose her way anytime soon, as the Sports Illustrated team seems to love working with her. She also graced three covers of the magazine in 2017.

So, with all of her assets, earnings, endorsement deals and expenses taken into consideration, we estimate the Kate Upton Net Worth is approximately $50 million.


Actress Nicole Kidman Net Worth

When you’re an award-winning actress like our next net worth subject, chances are you’ve led a very successful career. We are looking at the Nicole Kidman Net Worth after appearing in the big film Lion.

Nicole Kidman Net Worth


(Nicole Kidman Net Worth Below)

Kidman is a seasoned actress who has also appeared in films such as Moulin Rouge, Days of Thunder, Batman Forever, Eyes Wide Shut, The Stepford Wives and many more.

She is an Oscar winner and has been nominated for over 100 awards, while taking home a grand total of 71 wins. Her talent continues to shine as she appears in plenty of films and TV shows today.

In Lion, Kidman played the adoptive mother of a lost child from Calcutta, India, who later on grows up and embarks on a quest to find his birth mother.

The film has been getting rave reviews from critics all over and every member of the cast including Kidman has been praised for their roles in the film.

Kidman is married to country singer Keith Urban and the two Aussie entertainers have made a pretty incredible life together. Husband aside, Kidman is an incredibly successful actress which will be reflected in her net worth.

With Kidman’s earnings, assets and expenses taken into consideration, we estimate that the Nicole Kidman Net Worth is approximately, $150 million.


whitney way thore net worth

Whitney Way Thore Net Worth 2017

Whitney Way Thore is never afraid to take chances. Small wonder then that she’s been equally fearless with her career. In the past year, Whitney Way Thore has launched a number of different ventures, in addition to returning for yet another season of her successful TLC reality show, “My Big Fat Fabulous Life.” So just how much wealth has Whitney Way Thore accumulated? Let’s take a look.

“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” first premiered for its first season in 2015. Now, the show is airing its fourth season. With a total of 45 episodes thus far and a rave reception, we can imagine that Thore has been sure to negotiate a nice paycheck for herself.

Next, is Whitney Way Thore’s loyal fan base on social media. With more than 300,000 followers on Instagram, Thore can often be seen promoting products in her pics.

Not only does Thore promote others’ products, but she also promotes her own. This includes Werk with Whitney, a set of dance video exercise DVDs where you work out alongside Whitney. With her new project, Whitney is also making a statement about the need to be more accepting about our bodies and caring for ourselves: the URL for the site where you purchase the DVDs is Thore also promotes sale of clothing items like hoodies and sweatshirts in her very own store, named nobodyshame, of course.

Finally, it looks like Whitney Way Thore has other collaborations in the works. Thore has been seen with Fitness Marshall, a group of YouTube stars who provide hip hop cardio workouts to the latest hit songs. Looks like Thore may just be hoping to put her brand on a set of workout videos.

Whitney Way Thore Net Worth in 2017

So what’s the grand total for all of Whitney Way Thore’s hard work? Thore’s cumulative net worth in 2017 is estimated to be $1.5 million.

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