Ana De Armas Net Worth: Her Shocking Wealth

Ana de Armas is one of the hot young stars who’ll be hitting the big screen in a just few days now, given the upcoming, highly anticipated premiere of Bladerunner 2049. But just how much is this hot young star worth and what is Ana de Armas net worth? The Squander will give you the scoop.

At age 29, the highly accomplished Cuban actress, Ana de Armas, will have a prominent role in the soon-to-be-released and eagerly anticipated movie Blade Runner 2049 which is a sequel to the original Blade Runner.

Ana de Armas has had a highly distinguished acting career.  Born in  Cuba in 1988, Ana de Armas was educated at the National School of Cuba.  Ana de Armas started her acting career at age 18 in 2006.  Ana de Armas steadily enhanced her acting resume over a decade, encompassing numerous roles in films and TV series, initially in Spain and more recently in the USA.

Ana de Armas moved to Spain from Cuba in 2006.  There, she starred in several TV series including E! Internado, Revelados, Hispania, la leyenda and Actrices.   Ana de Armas also appeared in many films including Una Rosa de Francia, Madrigal, Blind Alley, and Faraday.  Ana de Armas’ recent movie credits include Hands of Stone, Exposed, Knock Knock, Overdrive, War Dogs, and Three Seconds.  Now she all set to add Blade Runner 2049 to her distinguished career.

 Today, Ana de Armas is considered one of the highest paid actresses, with approximately 80 million dollars earned last year. Complimenting her envious acting income, Ana de Armas added to her wealth through smart investments and successful business ventures.  Ana de Armas has her own fashion line of apparel, cosmetics and perfume.  Ana de Armas owns a football team.  Ana de Armas has her own brand of Cuban vodka.  Her real estate holdings are considerable.   Ana de Armas also boasts a few highly lucrative endorsements.

But how much is Ana de Armas’s total net worth? Given this actresses’ acting career , her investments that include her clothing line, her beverage business and of course, her sports ownership, the shocking estimate of Ana de Armas net worth is between 200 to 250 million dollars.

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