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How Much Is Billy O’Reilly Paying Out In Settlements for Sexual Harassment?

It feels like it’s been going on for years, but Bill O’Reilly has finally been fired from FOX News for his alleged sexual harassment. But his legal troubles likely aren’t over.

So the question is: just how much have O’Reilly and FOX News shelled out for the various sexual harassment lawsuits and settlements over the years? We’ll give you the scoop on just how much a lawsuit against Billy O’Reilly for sexual harassment values. Continue reading

aaron hernandez net worth 2017

Aaron Hernandez Net Worth 2017: He’s Acquitted — But Does Have Cash?

Aaron Hernandez has been caught up in a legal drama for quite some time. Still, Hernandez had started out his career with a lucrative contract with the New England Patriots, and for a while, he was raking in the dough. But how much is he worth now? We’ll give you the shocking details.
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how much does the largest nonnuclear bomb cost

How Much Does The ‘Mother of all Bombs’ – The Nonnuclear GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB) Cost?

This afternoon, the United States used a new bomb in Afghanistan, which has been called the largest non-nuclear bomb available. That bomb, which is officially titled the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb — or MOAB — is quite an expensive device. Just how expensive is it? Read on…
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tomahawk missile cost

How Much Do Tomahawk Missiles Cost? US Strikes Syria With Tomahawk Battery

This evening, United States President Donald Trump authorized a Tomahawk missile strike in Syria. According to news reports, approximately 70 Tomahawk missiles were launched at an airbase in Homs, Syria.

How much do Tomahawk missiles cost? How much did the United States spend on missiles in this attack? Read on.
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grace helbig net worth

Grace Helbig Net Worth

Grace Helbig isn’t your average YouTube star. She started out as an aspiring comedian and actress. Luckily for her, waitressing, the typical day job of the aspiring actress, wasn’t her first pick to support herself. Instead, Grace made a name for herself making videos on “My Damn Channel.” However, it wasn’t long before she realized she’d do a lot better on YouTube. And that was just the beginning for Grace. So how much is Grace Helbig worth? We’ll give you the scoop below.
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paul manafort net worth

Paul Manafort Net Worth: You Won’t Believe How Rich He Is

Paul Manafort has been in the press quite a bit lately, and all you ever seem to hear about him is the highly lucrative contracts he inked with Russian politicians for his consulting services. Although there’s much to be learned about Manafort’s potential involvement with the Russians, one things’s for sure, Manafort is a guy who knows how to make money!
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tomi lahren net worth

Tomi Lahren Net Worth 2017

Tomi Lahren, the conservative political commentator, is gearing up to the be the next Ann Coulter. With her long blonde hair, good looks and right-wing views, Tomi has opportunities popping up all over.

But just how does Tomi Lahren measure up to her colleagues in terms of net worth? Has she been able to translate a personal brand and media popularity to cold hard cash? We give you the scoop below.
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