What is the most expensive Las Vegas hotel?

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The Squander Staff


Las Vegas is the land of countless expensive hotels. Each more luxurious than the last. The grandest Las Vegas hotel, with the heftiest price tag, is probably still to come but what hotel in Sin City is the most expensive?

The Cosmopolitan is the most expensive Las Vegas hotel.

In 2010, it cost $3.9 billion to build the Cosmo (roughly $4.16 billion now with inflation). The Cosmo is the fourth-most-expensive hotel in the world, behind two in Singapore and one in United Arab Emirates.

Before the Cosmopolitan, the Wynn Las Vegas was the most expensive hotel in Sin City.

It cost $2.7 billion (about $3.26 billion today) to build. The Bellagio Hotel, $2.3 billion, and The Palazzo, $2.05 billion, are the third and fourth most expensive hotels on the list.

How long before the Cosmo is knocked into second place? Only time will tell.


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