A Friend Claims Debbie Reynolds Had A Premonition Of Carrie Fisher’s Death

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Hollywood Secrets and Scandals

It has been two years since the legendary mother-daughter duo Debbie Reynolds, and Carrie Fisher died. Reynolds shockingly died the day after her daughter Carrie Fisher's death.

The two had always been extremely close, and their demise proved to be yet another powerful sign of their almost otherworldly connection.

According to Reynolds good friend Sue Cameron, their bond was deeper than what most people seemed to realize. Wait for it guys; things are about to get spooky here.

The then 60-year-old Star Wars actress died of a heart attack during a flight from London to the US on December 27, 2016. Her mother Debbie Reynolds died at 84 years old the very next day. 

The world mourned the loss of two remarkable actresses and marveled at their closeness in life and in death.

Sue Cameron said that Debbie had a premonition that Carrie would not make it home for Christmas holidays that year.

“I made sure to go over every three weeks to visit Debbie, and the last time I saw her, on December 21, she told me she had had a vision the night before,” says Sue, the author of Hollywood Secrets and Scandals.

“She called it an ‘experience with death.'”

We warned you things were about to get interesting!

The bestselling author says Reynolds confided that when she had been in bed the night before "she felt death come over her." Carrie's mother described the experience as a "weighty cloud" that briefly floated over her bed.

Reynolds thought that this was it, as she recounted the moment to her friend, but the cloud moved to the left of her bed and stayed there.

Debbie then realized that the "weighty could" wasn't for her. However, looking back Cameron now realizes that the cloud settled over the exact spot where Fisher always sat on her mother's bed.

According to Sue, Debbie who she had known for over 40 years was not afraid of death. However, she did say she was worried about her daughter.

One of the things the actress worried about was what her daughter, Carrie would do after her death.

“The day Carrie Fisher got on the plane from London, Debbie told her caretaker and assistant … that she did not believe she was coming home.

She did not say ‘Carrie is going to die today,’ but she said ‘Carrie is not coming home.'”

In some freakish way, Debbie had a feeling that the Star Wars alum was not going to be coming home.

Hollywood Secrets and Scandals author met Debbie Reynolds in the late '70s when she interviewed the star for The Hollywood Reporter.

That is when the actress told the budding journalist that she would teach her what Hollywood was all about.

She said, “you can't write about us until you know exactly what our lives are like." She went on to say, "So I am going to send you airline tickets, and you are going to travel with me on the road and see what our work is really about.”

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