• Alex Jones Net Worth

    If you saw Homeland, then you know that Alex Jones has gotten famous enough to now be caricatured in popular cable TV shows. But just how did he get to be so successful and how much wealth has he actually accumulated? We’ll give you the scoop on Alex Jones net worth.

    Alex Jones Net Worth

    Alex Jones Builds An Empire

    Alex Jones is a well-known far-right radio host, writer, and filmmaker. He played football for his high school and began consuming conservative literature at a young age. He attended community college.
    Jones was first the radio talk show host in Austin, Texas, USA until a conglomerate bought the radio station. Alex Jones since joined GCN, a non-conglomerate owned radio network to express his views without any hindrance.
    Jones began his career in public-access cable TV. He soon switched to radio, however, and got a boost from having Ron Paul become a guest on his show during his run for Congress. Early on, he was a propagator of conspiracy theories, believing that the government was actually behind the 1995 Oklahoma bombing.
    In the 1990’s, Alex Jones’s radio show began to accumulate enough popularity that it garnered several awards. Jones himself made a bid for state representative for a Texas house district. He ran for the elections for the state representative of Texas in House District 48 which covers Austin, Texas, as a Republican. However, Jones withdrew from the race a few weeks later from his campaign after polls showed he had minimum chances of winning the Republican nomination. Still, his show seemed unstoppable given that Jones’s radio show was syndicated on 100 channels by 2001. He then started doing the Daily National Radio Show on Genesis Communications Radio Network in the year 2003.
    Still, Jones refused to avoid controversy. For instance, another one of his popular conspiracy theorists is that Bush was behind the 9/11 attacks. Due to his offensive or tactless way of revealing controversies, he has been banned from all major social media platforms including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

    His Conspiracies And Rants Could Bring Him Down Too

    In September 2018, Alex Jones was being called to account upon his baseless conspiracy theories and the activist rants that he has been uselessly emitting over time. His lawyers had to defend him for spreading false reports that the Sandy Hook massacre.
    To restrict reaching to the primary stream audience and also acting upon their hate speech terms, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube had cut him off of using the social media platforms. Moreover, Apple removed the Infowars app from the App Store abolishing the only means left for Mr. Jones. However, regardless of such interventions in the law by him, President Trump has been supporting the channeled bogus and misleading claims promoted by Mr. Jones.

    Alex Jones Income Sources

    Alex Jones also operates the infamous website “Infowars.com” which has been labeled by numerous media outlets as the source of countless “fake news” stories.
    So how does Alex Jones make his money? By building a broad and devoted fan base, he has made it possible to sell several different items to a captive audience.
    For example, Jones sells videos, books, T-shirts and even subscriptions videos. In 2013 alone, Jones was estimated to be making $10 million/year from all of his merchandising sales. On his website Infowars.com, Alex Jones also sells a number of dietary supplements.
    Through his successful radio show, the Alex Jones Show, he also collects syndication revenue as well as advertising money.
    However, Jones has also had to pay out money to his ex-wife. According to what appears to be a copy of the divorce settlement, Jones is paying his wife over $40,000 per month. In total, it is reported that he had to give his wife assets worth around $4 million.

    Alex Jones Net Worth

    So, what is Alex Jones net worth?

    Alex Jones Net Worth 2018

    In 2018, based on all of his sources of income, including his radio show salary, Alex Jones net worth was estimated to be around $10 million pre-divorce. Later, it was estimated to be at around $5-7 million.

    Alex Jones Net Worth 2019

    Infowars according to Jones is an online store that uses his impulsive marketing skills to move the merchandise. The revenue comes mainly from the sale of health-boosting and survivalist products including toothpaste, bulletproof vests, and dietary supplements. His most targeted product to sell out is called nutritional supplements called “brain pills” which according to him reduces the effects of impending Armageddon.
    Alex Jones net worth 2019 is reported to be around $10 million. Despite his divisive theories, he still manages to influence a large following of listeners and viewers which has enabled to build a fortune.
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    Last Updated: 27th May, 2019

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