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Gaming seems to be one of the most lucrative ways to earn followers and views on YouTube. One person who specializes in this is none other than Mystic 7. So we decided to check out the Mystic 7 net worth.

Mystic 7 Net Worth

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Mystic 7's run on YouTube dates back to 2013, making him a 3-year veteran.

His videos include, Clash of Clans and Clash Royale streams. However, in most recent times, Mystic 7 has joined the Pokemon Go trend that is completely smashing it on YouTube.

These videos consist of daily vlogs with Mystic 7 sometimes solo or with friends. He rolls around California catching and hatching Pokemon in the mobile game and manages to amass a ton of views per video.

Mystic 7 does have two separate channels. One channel is dedicated to Pokemon Go and vlogs which the other channel is used for his older Clash of Clans and Clash Royale videos.

In the older channel, Mystic 7 amassed 1,364,727 subscribers and counting with over 305,466,614 views and counting. The views are pretty impressive for this one channel alone.

Meanwhile, the newer and smaller channel only has 95,520 subscribers and counting with just 2,837,669 views and counting. Together both of these channels are a pretty good source of incomes for Mystic 7 who has found his success on the platform.

With the amount of views and the ad-revenue being taken into consideration, we estimate that the Mystic 7 net worth is about $400,000.