YouTube Gamer Clare Siobhan's Net Worth

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The Squander Staff
Clare Siobhan's Net Worth

We recently ran a piece on Ali-A, a YouTube gamer who has made it very big on the circuit.

Today we take a look into his girlfriend, Clare Siobhan's Net Worth from her gaming channel to see just how well she has done since 2006.

Clare Siobhan's Net Worth

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Siobhan's channel is very much like Ali-A's channel in that they both actively vlog and livestream their videogames. She also has joined the Pokemon Go craze and has been almost daily vlogging her experience with the game.

Both Ali-A and Siobhan may be benefitting from having each other in their videos. It crosses their fanbases to the point where subscribers will flock to both for their fix of seeing the YouTube couple.

Siobhan has been recently uploading a lot of Pokemon Go vlogs and Ali-A has been featured in the majority of them. Together, they explore different parks, cities and in some cases countries in the search to catch 'em all.

There has been a super surge in her views in 2016 and it continues to rise. Overall, Siobhan has amassed a respectable following of over 531,000 subscribers and counting with a very big view count of over 26,000,000 and counting.

Given the amount of views that Siobhan has accumulated, paired with the estimated amount of ad-revenue, we estimate that Clare Siobhan's net worth is around $600,000.