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how much will president trump's trip cost

How Much Will Trump’s First International Trip Cost? Trump To Travel To Saudi Arabia, Israel, And The Vatican

Tomorrow, President Donald Trump will embark on his first international trip as a government official, and he will be visiting Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Vatican. These trips aren’t cheap; Trump will be taking his daughter, his son-in-law (Jared Kushner) and other family members with him.

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Most Expensive Vacations 2014: Jay-Z and Beyonce Edition

Most Expensive Vacations 2014: Jay-Z and Beyonce Edition

Most of us wish we could get away just once within our busy years. Those of us who represent upper echelon can do so- several times.  Here’s a list of the most fabulous and extravagant vacations taken by none other than the world’s greatest entertainers, Jay-Z and Beyonce in 2014 alone.

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Visiting Artic Norway? Super yacht & jet travel is an option


Visiting Norway is high on the travel bucket list — right next to Alaska and “anywhere out of the house” — but it feels like the means of transportation should equal the fantastic destination.

What’s the expression? When in Norway, do as the Norwegians do? I’m not sure the Norwegians jet around on a superyacht and private jet but an amazing entrance is always suggested — especially into foreign countries.

Just $300K and the trip is booked. Over quarter of a million dollars is probably the craziest entrance a human can make. Does it come with presentation horns like when the king enters?

Hob nob with Norwegian locals on a 10-night tour of the artic’s natural wonders. The private party, designed for up to 12 people, begins in Bodo and ends in Svalbard. After the jet trip, a fully loaded private expedition yacht transports guests across 24,000 square miles of unspoiled arctic wilderness. The boat boasts a helicopter pad, sauna and massage treatment rooms and expansive suites with 180 degree views.

The itineraries are completely customizable — watching polar bears hunt for seals, kayaking around icebergs or hike across frozen tundra — and visit parts of Norway few human feet have ever touched.

More places to check out are listed on the official Visit Norway website. Or just wing it. For that much cash, you do what you want.

Explore the Arctic Norway on a Private Superyacht & Jet for $300K via Just Luxe

Dancing with the Stars

Hang with a ‘Dancing With the Stars’ alum for about $1,200

Dancing with the Stars

Is Dancing With the Stars on television not enough? Want to dance with one of the professionals on your vacation? Maybe the first question should have been “got an extra $1,200?”

The dancing details:

“From June 4-8, 2014, three-time World Dance Champion and ‘Dancing With The Stars’ favorite, Louis Van Amstel will lead a program highlighted by three partner-free LaBlast dance fitness classes.

Also included in a four-night LaBlast Retreat hotel package are luxury suite accommodations with complimentary upgrade to the next suite category and meet and greet with the dance teacher and Emmy nominated choreographer.”

Besides playing tapa-tapa-tapa with a former mirror ball competitor, the all-inclusive includes a guaranteed ocean view, a la carte gourmet meals at a slew of specialty restaurants, 24-hour in-suite service, a fitness center and Tom Bergeron massaging your tired tootsies every evening.

Bergeron subject to availability.

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