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The Squander Staff
here comes honey boo boo

After a long, guilt-ridden marathon of watching MTV's latest Real World endeavor, the Real World:Skeletons, we started to wonder how much these guys actually make to have a low chance at longevity in Hollywood and to pretty much entirely soil their reputation in.. well, the real world. And of course, that snowballed into a desire to learn about how much EVERYONE makes on every reality television show ever. Here's what we've found.

Jersey Shore Cast 2015 Net Worth

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The Squander Staff
jersey shore net worth 2015

It's been just over two years since the last episode of the Jersey Shore aired. One of MTV's most popular as well as controversial reality shows, the Jersey Shore at one point earned the title of most-watched prime-time series on basic cable. Some of the eight cast-members have remained in the spotlight since the series end, but some have faded out. Here's the 2015 report of the Jersey Shore cast's current net worth.