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paul manafort net worth

Paul Manafort Net Worth: You Won’t Believe How Rich He Is

Paul Manafort has been in the press quite a bit lately, and all you ever seem to hear about him is the highly lucrative contracts he inked with Russian politicians for his consulting services. Although there’s much to be learned about Manafort’s potential involvement with the Russians, one things’s for sure, Manafort is a guy who knows how to make money!

But just how much is Paul Manafort worth? We’ll take a closer look at Manfort’s net worth below and all of the contributions to his total income.

Paul Manafort’s Net Worth: The Beginnings

Paul Manafort has been a longtime lobbyist and political consultant. Manafort’s background is actually in law; he graduated from Georgetown University with a JD. In the 1970′s Manafort began his career, by practicing law with the firm Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease.

While Manafort likely enjoyed the salary given to associates at law firms, the money he made here was likely to be peanuts next to what he went on to enjoy.

A few years later, Manafort transitioned to lobbying. Now, here’s where Manafort likely began to rake in the cash. Manafort became a founding partner of the lobbying firm, Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly.

With the highest paid lobbyists earning in the millions of dollars, Manafort was sure to have established his resume for lucrative contracts at this time.

Manafort first became involved with politics during the Reagan administration when he acted as a delegate hunt coordinator. Then, with successive presidents, he took on a large political role, acting as an advisor to George H.W.’s bid for presidency in 1988 and again for Bob Dole’s bid for presidency in 1996.

Paul Manafort’s Shady International Dealings

With his long-running political contacts in hand, Manafort then took on inking some of the highest paying consultation gigs ever heard of. But what Manafort’s services always seemed to have in common was a set of controversial foreign leaders.

For instance, in 1985, Manafort’s lobbying firm signed a $600,000 contract with Jonah Savimbi, leader of the Angolan rebel group. Later, Manafort accepted a $900,000 contract to lobby for Ferdinand Marcos, and then a $1 million annual contract with Mobuto Sese Seko.

Paul Manafort’s lobbying company has also established contracts with the governments Dominican Republic, Kenya ($750,000 each year between 1991 and 1993) and Nigeria ($1 million in 1991). Manafort also received $400,000 from the Kashmiri American Council between 1990 and 1994.

But no contract has been as lucrative for Manafort as have his contract with Ukranian politicians and Russian oligarchs.

Manafort negotiated an annual $10 million contract with Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska promote Russian interests in US politics, business and media coverage. In 2014, on returning to becoming an advisor to Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovych’s political following, Party of Regions, Manafort reportedly received $12.7 million in cash payments.

Paul Manafort Net Worth 2017

So how much wealth has Paul Manafort accumulated with all of his political ventures? Much of his wealth is distributed around the world, often in opaque banking systems. Given the information we have, we estimate Paul Manafort net worth at $50 million. However, that’s a very rough estimate, and he may have up to an additional $250 million+ in foreign assets.

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tomi lahren net worth

Tomi Lahren Net Worth 2017

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Alejandra Campoverdi Net Worth: Maxim Model and Congressional Candidate

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Net Worth 2017

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vladimir putin net worth

Vladimir Putin Net Worth 2017

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'cash me outside' girl net worth

‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Net Worth: Danielle Bregoli Definitely Getting Cash

By now, everybody in the world knows Danielle Bregoli, the ‘cash me outside’ girl. ‘Cash me outside’ girl became an Internet sensation a few months ago after she appeared on the Dr. Phil show and spoke about her bad behavior. But what very few people know is that she is making plenty of ‘cash’ from her newfound fame.

If you haven’t seen the video that made ‘Cash me outside’ girl famous, you can watch it below. In the video, Dr. Phil talks to ‘Cash me outside’ girl and her mother because her mother is unable to control her and keep her from doing things like stealing her cars, stealing credit cards, and getting into fights. ‘Cash me outside’ girl brags about how she hits her mom and punches and damages the walls in the house.

‘Cash me outside’ Girl Is Rakin’ In The Dough

After talking with Dr. Phil for a while, ‘Cash me outside’ girl got her moniker when she told the audience that if they don’t like her they can ‘cash me outside…how bow dah’ — or without the accent, “catch me outside, how about that?” That is: she’s asking to fight them.

Since being on Dr. Phil, however, ‘Cash me outside’ girl’s new fame has suddenly made her into a cash cow. Like many infamous people, she’s managed to turn her infamy into a nice little career, earning her quite a bit of money.

According to TMZ, ‘Cash me outside’ girl has been signed to do a meet and greet at the Rolling Loud Music Festival, for which she will be paid $40,000. And she has set her minimum for appearances at $30,000 in the US, and $40,000 outside the country.

TMZ writes that ‘Cash me outside’ girl actually was offered $5000 by a local New York bar to do a quick appearance, but she laughed because that was clearly too little. She has also done a music video recently.

‘Cash me outside’ Girl Net Worth

So how much is the ‘Cash me outside’ girl net worth? This one is very difficult to estimate given that she is a minor, so we would have to estimate her family net worth. It is likely that her family had some significant debt before this recent windfall.

However, at $30,000-$40,000 per appearance, ‘Cash me outside’ girl and her family could pay that debt off very quickly, and move into the positive territory.

Therefore, as a very rough estimate, we would guess that ‘Cash me outside’ girl and her family are worth over $150,000. It is likely that ‘Cash me outside’ girl’s net worth will dramatically increase over the next few months, as she gets more and more appearance and promotional deals. We would be surprised if she was worth over $1 million by the end of 2017.

emma watson 2017 net worth

Emma Watson Net Worth 2017

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