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Today, North Korea launched its first real ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) that was capable of reaching Alaska and some of the Western part of the United States. The missile wasn't necessarily under control, but it did prove that Kim Jong Un and his country are capable of attacking the West already. How much does North Korea's ICBM cost? How much to Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles cost in general? How much does North Korea spend on its missile program? Read on...

What Is The Most Valuable Arcade Game?

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The Squander Staff
Most Valuable Arcade Game

With Nintendo set to release its Switch console for $300, we wanted to find out just what is the most valuable arcade game. We did a little digging and didn't get too far before we reached an answer.

World's Most Expensive Christmas Card

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Real Life Squander

What is the world's most expensive Christmas card like? No, surprisingly it's not encrusted in gold and precious gems- but it does have something to do with The Beatles.