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Game of Thrones Cast Net Worth

Game of Thrones Cast Net Worth and HBO Salary 2017

Game of Thrones will have its highly anticipated 7th season premiere on July 16th, and it’s sure to be quite the extravaganza. After all, HBO took filming the 6th season to a whole new level, with battle scenes that topped noteworthy directors such as James Cameron or Michael Bay.

Additionally,  the 7th season, much like the 6th season, again marks the film advancing past the books, with plot lines to be explored that certainly no reader, however big a fan, is aware of.

Among other hotly discussed topics surrounding Game of Thrones, however, is how much each of its cast members will be earning as salaries. Even more interesting, is how much is the Game of Thrones cast net worth, considering most of its actors were virtually unknown before the launch of the award winning series.

Since Game of Thrones is well known for killing off its principal characters, we’ll pay homage to those cast members who have remained on the show for the 7th season.

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