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Floyd Mayweather Instragram Money

Floyd Mayweather Instagram Claim Says He Makes A ‘Million A Month Without Moving A Finger’

Is Floyd Mayweather taking another jab at rival 50 Cent with his latest Instagram? Mayweather is besting is heated rival with a video of the undefeated boxer counting his money.

Floyd Mayweather is bragged again, this time claiming he makes “seven figures a month without moving a finger” in his latest Instagram post since hanging up his boxing gloves in 2015. Continue reading

Floyd Mayweather spending

Floyd Mayweather Spending: 10 Outrageous Purchases

As the world’s highest earning athlete (he once made $60,000,000 for just two fights alone), boxer Floyd Mayweather has a lot of expendable income, and he thoroughly enjoys showing the world the outrageous things he spends it on. Here’s a list of Mayweather’s priciest and most out-there purchases. Continue reading

Floyd Mayweather Gold Bentley Golf Cart

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Just Dropped Big Money On A Gold Bentley Golf Cart For His Son

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is no stranger to the cash register but the accomplished fighter is usually dropping large wads of cash on clothes, cars and necklaces for his necklaces.

At an estimated net worth of $280 million, Floyd Mayweather Jr. can afford to spend as much as he desires.

His latest purchase, a gold Bentley golf cart, is actually a gift for his young son Koraun who’s either the next Tiger Woods or the first golfer with a cart that costs more than the course he’s playing on.

SOURCE: This Is What Floyd Mayweather Jr. Bought His Son For His 15th Birthday