Degrassi Cast Salary and Net Worth: How Much Do Stars of "Degrassi the Next Class" Make?

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The Squander Staff
degrassi the next class net worth

Degrassi is the show that just keeps going and going. Although the show had its original release in the 1980s and was brought back for another go-around in the 2000s, it seems that in the past few years, the show's producers simply won't let it go. Even after the show was retired from cable TV, it's now seen a successful relaunch through Netflix. And let's face it, much like Disney, Degrassi has catapulted a number of different celebrities to fame. Drake, is of course, the most high profile success story of Degrassi. But just how much are its current cast members worth? Considering many of these actors and actresses are able to command roles in additional Canadian shows and movies, the numbers might shock you.