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The Rock Net Worth 2017: Dwayne Johnson’s Got Cash For His Presidential Run

Your prayers have been answered: “The Rock” / Dwayne Johnson is officially considering running for president. That’s right, the guy who brought you “Tooth Fairy” and had a feud with “Mr. Ass” may be planning to jump in the presidential ring along with Kanye West, Mark Zuckerberg, and of course Donald Trump.

The thing is, running for president is very expensive. And The Rock is by no means Mark Zuckerberg. Still, he’s doing pretty well…just check out what he’s worth in 2017: Continue reading

How Much Will Running For President Cost Mark Zuckerberg

How Much Will Running For President Cost Mark Zuckerberg? Zuckerberg 2017 and Beyond Net Worth

The Internet today is abuzz with rumors that Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg may just be considering running for president. Given how wealthy he is, he could potentially find an entire presidential run by himself but would he?

How much would Zuckerberg have to spend on our run for office? How would it affect his total net worth?
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