Steve-O Net Worth 2017: How Much Has The Star Made?

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Steve-O Net Worth 2017

Born as Stephen Gilchrist Glover on 13th of June 1974, in Wimbledon, London to a Canadian-American parents. Most people know him by his stage name Steve-O. Best known as a member of MTV's most successful prank series "Jackass", Steve-O gained popularity doing dangerous and self-inflicting injuries. Steve O's eccentric nature landed him several gigs in the entertainment industry from Jackass interconnected films, the Wildboyz series, to releasing Don't Try This at Home - DVD. You may be wondering just how rich is Steve-O? The Squander will tell you how much Steve-O net worth is and some shocking details about him.

Steve-O Life, Career

Steve-O travelled and lived in different countries mainly because of his father's work as an executive of Pepsi-Cola. When he returned to London, Steve-O studied at the American School of London.

However, Steve-O transferred and jumped from one school to another because of poor grades, misconducts, or simply dropping out. Steve-O finally got his degree in 1997 and graduated from Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Clown College.

Steve-O started working as a clown and a stuntman before being noticed by Jeff Tremaine who invited him to be part of Jackass. He married and got divorced twice, first to Candy-Jane Tucker in 2002 and to Brittany McGraw in 2006.

However, the exciting career of Steve-O suddenly fade in 2008 when he publicly admitted his drug-use, bipolar disorder, and suicidal tendencies. Steve-O underwent medical treatment and was also placed in a psychiatric hold.

Steve-O, Sources of Income

Steve-O is a brilliant stuntman-comedian-actor who just never ran out of ideas and pranks to share to the public. Aside from the reality show, Jackass films were a huge hit adding to Steve-O's fortune.

Wildboyz and Don't Try This at Home DVD's and its tours contributed to his wealth as well.

Steve-O also appeared in several TV shows like The Howard Stern Show, Love Island, and The Dean Blundell Show which helped Steve-O net worth to rise steadily. Steve-O also have 2 YouTube channels with over 2 million subscribers.

Steve-O Net Worth 2017

After recovering from his substance abuse and depressive state, Steve-O made a comeback by starring in Jackass 3D and writing his autobiography called Professional Idiot: A Memoir. Presently, Steve-O is performing live stand-up shows.

He is also earning from his YouTube channel by actively posting videos which are mostly pranks and stunts.

Thus, we calculated Steve-O net worth based on his entertainment career which began in the late 90s and his present live shows and YouTube channels. We've estimated Steve-O net worth 2017 to be in the ballpark of $3 to $4 million.

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