Diamond Armor is the most expensive suit in the world. Did we mention it’s bulletproof?


There isn’t a better investment a man can make than dropping some coin down for a finely tailored suit. It’s just an added bonus if the double-breasted jacket can stop bullets.

Presented by watch brand Carl F. Bucherer and SuitArt at this year’s BaselWorld watch and jewelry show, the “Diamond Armor” suit is bulletproof, equipped with an integrated cooling system and waterproof thanks to special nanotechnology sealing.

The Diamond Armor is also set with 880 black diamonds — 280 on the watch-grade steel buttons and 600 on the lapel and contours totaling 142 carats. The suit’s lining includes artwork by Luciano Goizueta. The suit comes standard with a Carl F. Bucherer watch and a 24-carat gold tie.

The total price comes in a shade over $3.2 million dollars.



Meet the man who rented a boat, crane and dropped $67,000 to move one little hut


The second house is just the way you want it but the location isn’t optimal. Maybe moving it to a nicer spot is the answer? Love your beach house enough to nudge it to another spot along the shore if all it will take is a boat, crane and $66,512?

Pack the fine seashells — the house is making an exit.

The Daily Mail gives the blow-by-blow:

“You might be forgiven for thinking that this is a beach hut that’s being rescued after being washed out to sea. But it’s actually a luxurious hut worth £40,000 that’s being towed on the water to an exclusive sandy spit because it was too big to be driven there. The timber chalet, that measures 13ft by 13ft, was transported using the unconventional method to Mudeford Spit, Dorset, which is home to Britain’s most expensive beach huts.”

Huts typically sell for around £150,000 ($250K US) in the remote sandbank that can only be accessed by boat or along a narrow road used only by a novelty land train.

[The Daily Mail]


Richard Branson’s yacht is rentable for a mere $110,000 a week, comes with a nymph


Sir Richard Branson’s yacht — the Necker Belle — is up for sale.

If you can’t commit a couple hundred paychecks to the Virgin’s vessel, you can still rent the 32m/105’ sailing catamaran for $110,000 per week.

Launched in 2003, the boat was built by French Shipyard CMN before Branson dropped some coinage and spent two years rebuilding the vessel at Azzura Yachts in Australia. The boat did time transporting the Branson brood back and forth to their private island in the Caribbean. Maybe now they’re just going to take a rocket ship to and from the island on their way back from the moon?

The boat fits 10 comfortably and comes with its own nymph. It ain’t how you’re thinking but an ironic name for the man who founded a company named Virgin.

One of her most extraordinary charter features is the ultimate underwater exploration toy – the ‘Necker Nymph’, a fully-submersible underwater aircraft. Two passengers alongside with a trained pilot at the helm can dive down to depths of 30m/100’ for up to two hours, exploring and discovering marine life in the beautiful Caribbean waters.

Branson put the boat on the market for purchase last year so time is limited to rent the Necker Belle and play James Bond in the open waters.



World’s Most Expensive Tequila Sells For $3.5 Million And It’s Got Nothing To Do With the Booze


The most expensive bottle of tequila in the world, the Ley .925 Tequila Pasion Azteca Ultra Premium Anejo, tops the list of priciest Tequilas on Earth. It’s not the booze that makes people go bonkers.

It’s the bottle.

The Ley .925 comes in one of three bottles — the first or “cheaper” options sells for $225,000 and comes in a hand-crafted white gold and pure platinum bottle. The logo is also solid platinum. The second bottle is diamond-encrusted and fetches close to $1.5 million dollars. There were only a few bottles produced and even the manufacturers don’t have any to sell. For a measly $100,000 the manufacturers will be happy to slip you the phone number of the bottle’s owner, which is mighty kind.

The Diamond Sterling Bottle, priced at $3.5 million, the final bottle option but for that kind of money you might as well by a tequila distillery and go into the booze bottling business.

Check out the nine other most expensive tequilas in the world.



Tesla Model S clocks in at over $200K


The Tesla Model S has a typical tag price around $60,000 for the standard model. Start adding the bells and whistles and the car will hover in the $90-$100,000 price range.

If you’ve got the wallet there is another option — fully loaded. But what’s the most expensive Model S you can build? Teslarati has the answer.

Clicking all available options to buyers, the most expensive Model S will total over $205,820. That’s more than twice as much as the normal Tesla vehicle.

For more awesome pics of the gorgeous Model S, check out this piece.



Which region has the most expensive NCAA March Madness tickets?


March Madness is days away. March ticket madness began moments after Selection Sunday. So which region has the most expensive tickets?

For this year’s tournament, prices have moved considerably in two of the four regions. Here is a breakdown of each region.

Eastern Regionals: Madison Square Garden, New York, New York; Avg. Price: $499
South Regionals: FedEx Forum, Memphis, Tennessee; Avg. Price: $230
Western Regionals: Honda Center, Anaheim, California; Avg. Price: $302
Midwest Regionals: Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, In; Avg. Price: $205

For a complete breakdown of ticket prices for each region, and what’s going to directly affection those prices over the length of the tournament, consult this handy guide.


most expensive weed

Tech Billionare Buys $201 Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy

Stack Of Cash

Before today, the world record insurance policy was purchased by an unnamed American entertainer for $100 million dollars. World records, no matter how absurd, were meant to be broken.

A $201 million policy, purchased today by a mystery tech billionaire, beats the previous record by $100 million. Maybe beats isn’t a strong enough word.

The policy was sold by a Santa Barbara, California based company named SG. SG is a global advisory firm specializing in complex financial solutions for wealthy clients. SG isn’t naming names because they wouldn’t be in the business they are if they did name names.

The guessing begins now.


Outdoor Pool

Brunch with the Easter Bunny for $85 a head in Boca Raton

Outdoor Pool

Spring Break means mini-vacations for the rich kids. Growing up, you weren’t a rich kid.

Things change.

This Easter, bag the Disney doldrums and jet to the Boca Raton Resort & Club, a Waldorf Astoria Resort, and drop a couple colored eggs on a rest and recharge under the same natural sun lamp that keeps nanna looking so fresh.

“Festivities kick off on Saturday, April 19 at the Mad Hatter’s Silly Spring Party with bounce houses, carnival games, “Bunny Hop” sack races, face painters, balloon artists and live music. On Sunday, a sunrise service will be held on the resort’s private beach followed by an egg hunt featuring over 10,000 colorful eggs filled with toys and candy scattered about the resort’s golf course, a hunt for more eggs than the White House lawn. An Easter Bunny Brunch Buffet from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. will feature carving stations, holiday favorites and delicious desserts. As a special highlight, the Easter Bunny will also make appearances throughout the weekend’s events.”

After the kids make you find every single last egg of the 10,000, spend some alone time exploring the half-mile stretch of private beach. Established in 1926, the landmark location features five unique styles of guest rooms and suites, many with water views of the Atlantic and Intracoastal Waterway.

The joint boasts two 18-hole championship golf courses, tennis as good as the pros play, a full-service 32-slip marina, seven swimming pools, three state-of-the-art fitness centers; a surf school and a basically any sport on water you can imagine.

The damage to your Easter bread? About $364 per night and $85 per head for the buffet. Kids eat slightly cheaper.


Welcome to the Boca Raton Resort

Dancing with the Stars

Hang with a ‘Dancing With the Stars’ alum for about $1,200

Dancing with the Stars

Is Dancing With the Stars on television not enough? Want to dance with one of the professionals on your vacation? Maybe the first question should have been “got an extra $1,200?”

The dancing details:

“From June 4-8, 2014, three-time World Dance Champion and ‘Dancing With The Stars’ favorite, Louis Van Amstel will lead a program highlighted by three partner-free LaBlast dance fitness classes.

Also included in a four-night LaBlast Retreat hotel package are luxury suite accommodations with complimentary upgrade to the next suite category and meet and greet with the dance teacher and Emmy nominated choreographer.”

Besides playing tapa-tapa-tapa with a former mirror ball competitor, the all-inclusive includes a guaranteed ocean view, a la carte gourmet meals at a slew of specialty restaurants, 24-hour in-suite service, a fitness center and Tom Bergeron massaging your tired tootsies every evening.

Bergeron subject to availability.

[Luxury Travel Mag]