Democratic National Convention, Charlotte, NC

Biggest Super PAC Spending Explained By The Numbers

As Republicans take control of the Senate for the first time in eight years and register pivotal wins throughout the country, it has since been revealed that the party may have used anonymous Twitter accounts to coordinate with Super PACs. Super PACs are individual action committees that-according to the incredibly complicated campaign laws mostly founded in Supreme Court case decisions- can donate unlimited amounts of money to political parties and candidates without doing so directly.

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Biggest Extreme and Expensive Christmas Light Displays

Have you ever had that neighbor that spends an exorbitant amount of time and inevitably money preparing holiday decorations? We’re among the folk all too familiar with zany holiday decorators who light up the block and become a destination spot for locals and just like you, we’re wondering how our neighbors compare to the greatest holiday displays in the country.

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Floyd Mayweather Gold Bentley Golf Cart

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Just Dropped Big Money On A Gold Bentley Golf Cart For His Son

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is no stranger to the cash register but the accomplished fighter is usually dropping large wads of cash on clothes, cars and necklaces for his necklaces.

At an estimated net worth of $280 million, Floyd Mayweather Jr. can afford to spend as much as he desires.

His latest purchase, a gold Bentley golf cart, is actually a gift for his young son Koraun who’s either the next Tiger Woods or the first golfer with a cart that costs more than the course he’s playing on.

SOURCE: This Is What Floyd Mayweather Jr. Bought His Son For His 15th Birthday

farrah abraham net worth 2017

Teen Mom Stars’ Net Worth: Jenelle, Amber, Farrah and More

Teen Mom is an MTV television series that pulls four girls from the most popular stories featured on its predecessor 16 and Pregnant. Since its debut in 2009, both shows have polarized public opinion on the tastefulness of airing the realities and hardships that come with young motherhood. This is a comprehensive overview of popular Teen Mom stars’ 2015 net worth. 

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