Shia LaBeouf: The Effect of His Actions & His Net Worth

It’s no secret. Shia Labeouf is a weird dude, and seemingly prides himself in his outlandishness. In 2012, Forbes writer Dorothy Pomer predicted that Labeouf’s desire to stray away from large corporations and become a champion for the indie community would prove to be damning for his commercial success and severely decrease his celebrity. Add in his really bizarre antics in the years since and we’re all left wondering- what does this mean for Shia’s earnings? Continue reading

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College Jam Band Became Million Dollar Cover Band

If you’re a fan of Sublime, you know that no one except the earliest of fans were able to see the greatness of the band live as lead singer and guitarist Bradley Nowell died from a drug overdose two months before the band reached mainstream popularity. Sublime fans also know that there have been many cover bands that tour and try to replicate Sublime’s music, and that Badfish: A Tribute to Sublime is one of the best of the lot . Continue reading