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Chanel West Coast Net Worth: How Much Does The MTV Star Make?

Chelsea Chanel Dudley, better known by her stage name Chanel West Coast, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, model and television personality.

Though Chanel West Coast is primarily known for her affiliation with Rob Dyrdek, appearing on his MTV shows The Fantasy Factory and  Ridiculousness, Chanel began her career attempting to break into the rap industry and is continuing to pursue that today. All of her endeavors have earned Chanel West Coast an estimated  net worth of $200,000 , despite previous financial issues.  Continue reading


Herb Chambers Net Worth: Dealerships And More

Herb Chambers has quite a remarkable story.  He grew up in Dorchester, Mass and came from very humble beginnings.  Herb Chambers got his start with a company that fixed copy machines in the 1980′s.  He eventually sold that company for $300 million and bought his first dealership as a hobby.  Turns out it was much more lucrative than he imagined.  These days, he heads up 54 dealerships in New England.
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Rita Volk ‘Faking It’ Actress Net Worth

Rita Volk is the star of one of the biggest teen movies on TV, ‘Faking it’. She grew up in Uzbekistan and went from immigrating to the U.S to being one of its biggest stars. In 2014 it was speculated by a sketchy magazine ‘People With Money’ that she is pulling in around $75 million. That would mean that she made about the same as Justin Bieber. So yes, I wouldn’t trust this ‘People With Money’ magazine.
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Jen Selter Booty Star Net Worth

The queen of booty.  It’s a title that is well deserved.  But how do you convert the perfect back-side into dollars?  The question is as old as human civilization, but in the 21st century, the perfect butt means 5 million Instagram followers.  That translates to almost $50,000 per sponsored post.  She doesn’t abuse this too much though, only the occasional supplement company.  She is, after all, inspiring millions of women to firm up their booties.  And in only 12 months, she went from 1 million followers to 5 million.  Not bad.

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most expensive dj houses

Most Expensive DJ Houses

[All about real-estate and nothin’ about who invented/influences house music]

DJ Zedd, the artist responsible for the hit single “Clarity,” recently purchased a gorgeous $3.9 million home in Hollywood, California that’s 3,443 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Pretty impressive for the recently-popular DJ, and with the increased popularity of EDM in general, that got us thinking about other pricey DJ pads.

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Dana Linn Bailey net worth

New Year, New You: Fitness Guru Dana Linn Bailey’s Net Worth

There are few better candidates out there to motivate you for your upcoming fitness new year resolutions. Dana Linn Bailey is an Instagram-famous professional body builder who has gained popularity through her competition wins, her  fitness camp and her clothing apparel endeavors. She owns a private gym that she opens to the public several times a month for seminar-style training days; these dates sell out almost instantly. She inspires her fan base comprised of over 500,000 followers with regular fitness posts through her Instagram, Facebook, and regularly updated blog.

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