Nintendo NES Classic

How Much Is The Nintendo NES Classic Going For On Ebay?

The Nintendo NES Classic was released as a miniature way to pay homage to the classic NES system that released in 1985. It only retailed at $59.99, however, things got real, really fast.


When the system was released in 2016, it was a hot commodity and it sold out. It worked similar to the way popular Nike and Adidas sneakers have been selling out.

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Then, just like the popular sneakers, the console hit the resale market for a highly marked up price. Of course, Ebay was one of the hot spots for the console to be sold. Prices were pretty up there,
though, it has died down a bit.

From a $59.99 retail price, the NES Classic has risen to upwards of $200 and in some cases, close to $400. So resellers are making a little over 70 percent of a profit on the consoles.

When consoles come out they normal depreciate in value. However, this time, even a new take on the NES couldn’t be tamed. That’s what happens when you hold awesome titles like Super Mario Bros., Rambo, Contra and plenty other classics.


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