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Jerry Seinfeld is filthy rich just from ‘Seinfeld’ reruns

Jerry Seinfeld never has to perform another stand-up set, develop another sitcom or ride around with other comics getting coffee for the rest of his life and still make millions of dollars each year.

Seinfeld reruns alone generate so much money in syndication, licensing deals and DVD sales, the 60-year-old Seinfeld could live off the never-ending paychecks. In fact, it’s been publicly reported by multiple outlets that since entering syndication, Seinfeld has generated more than $3 billion.

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This makes Jerry Seinfeld one of Hollywood’s wealthiest stand-up comedians. According to multiple outlets, Jerry Seinfeld’s net worth is an estimated $800 million dollars.

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Still, Jerry Seinfeld has managed to stay pretty, pretty, pretty busy. Every now and then, Jerry Seinfeld still goes on stand-up tours, offering people across the country the chance to see him perform live. In addition, this year, Seinfeld signed an exclusive deal with Netflix in which his show “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” would be shown on the streaming service.

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Jerry Seinfeld and the show that just prints money

Since ending it’s run on NBC in 1998, the series Seinfeld has generated $3.1 billion dollars. Seinfeld is the most profitable 30-minute television show in television history. At the height of the show’s popularity, Seinfeld was making $1 million per episode.

Jerry Seinfeld’s series co-stars — Jason Alexander, Michael Richards and Julia Louis-Dreyfus earned a respectable $600K per show — but none have a stake in the yearly cash cow that is “the show about nothing.” Estimates have Jerry Seinfeld and series co-creator Larry David splitting close to $400 million dollars per year in just syndication scratch.

If all that money has your stomach turning like you just downed a glass of spoiled Ovaltine, the rich are going to get seriously richer — Seinfeld still isn’t available on iTunes or Netflix.

Gold Jerry, gold.

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4 thoughts on “Jerry Seinfeld is filthy rich just from ‘Seinfeld’ reruns”

    1. They screwed no one. They were the producers/creators of the show. The others got their cuts and aren’t doing too bad from sales of certain Seinfeld sales. Tens of millions a piece to Kramer, Elaine and George.

  1. Jean, Seinfeld didn’t exactly screw over the rest of the cast. The other 3 main characters received $10 for at least the last season and possible for other seasons as well. Obviously Jerry has done better, but it was his show so of course he fared better.

  2. Great article & especially nice Seinfeld drops at the end there… Just, gold :). And absolutely, Kurt. Jerry’s show; Jerry’s price. (I would keep it off iTunes & Netflix too, just smart business.)

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