Jerome Powell Net Worth 2017: You Won't Believe How Much The New Fed Chair Has

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Jerome Powell net worth 2017

President Donald Trump has officially chosen Jerome Powell as the chair of the Federal Reserve. Powell has a long history of woking in the financial industry and in the government. Over that time, Powell has earned quite a bit of money for himself. And it's possible that all of his money could have an influence on his decision making.

So what is Jerome Powell net worth in 2017? What are Jerome Powell's salary/earnings? Read on...

Jerome Powell Career, Earnings, Salary

Jerome Powell got his start in the legal industry after graduating from Georgetown Law School. He worked at a law firm for a time, and then he went to work at an investment bank in a lucrative position in the M&A industry.

Powell went into government in the 1980s, and he became the Undersecretary of Treasury under George Bush I. He then went back to finance and got into trading and investment, and spent many years at various companies in the derivatives and private equity spaces.

Since 2011 he's been on the Federal Reserve.

Jerome Powell Net Worth 2017

In Jerome Powell's financial disclosures, he lists several major accounts, which have a significant value. He has a retirement account with BlackRock worth up to $1 million, as well as others.

But much of his wealth is in other assets. He has at least $16.5 million in cash and assets -- but he may have up to $45 million, as the disclosures provide a range and not a specific number. In addition, he has over 25 different trust funds.

So what is Jerome Powell's total net worth in 2017? In all, we estimate Jerome Powell net worth in 2017 at $25-$45 million.

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