Gordon Hayward Net Worth

Gordon Hayward Net Worth: After The Celtics Deal

It has been quite the year for Gordon Hayward who had one of his best years in 2017. He made the NBA All Star and managed to generate a ton of hype during free agency. We decided to see what the Gordon Hayward Net Worth is following his big deal with the Boston Celtics.


Gordon Hayward Net Worth Below

Hayward is an incredible basketball talent that knows how to score and defend. He is a versatile player which made him a highly sought after player in the 2017 off-season. He managed to score a huge deal with the Boston Celtics for a whopping $128 million across 4 years.

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The team is looking to become one of the most formidable in the East, hoping to bring the reign of the Golden State Warriors to an end.

That’s a pretty tall task for anyone, though, Hayward will be playing alongside the great young talent in Isaiah Thomas.

Now that the confusion has been cleared up, Hayward will reunite with his college coach, Brad Stevens, as the two seek to hoist championship hardware in the pros after they came up just shy of doing so with the Butler Bulldogs in 2010,” according BleacherReport.

So what is this talented NBA player worth? Well, after factoring his salary from Utah, his expenses, taxes paid and his new upcoming contract, we estimate the Gordon Hayward Net Worth to be approximately $100 million.

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