Gavin Rossdale Passes on His Entitlement to Gwen Stefani’s Millions

If you needed further proof that Gavin Rossdale must have seriously d***ed Gwen Stefani over, the fact that the former grunge prince passed on millions of Stefani’s earnings- including child support- despite being entitled to it under California law is proof enough.


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According to TMZ, “the couple — married for 13 years – did not have a prenup, so under the laws of California Gavin was entitled to 50% of everything acquired during the marriage. Our sources say Gavin did not press to get a big chunk of the money Gwen made from concert and record sales.”

Other celebrities divorcing in California without pre-nups have not been so lucky. Just look at what happened to Mel Gibson in 2011. Gibson lost HALF of his entire fortune- a whopping $850 million- to ex-wife Robyn Denise Moore thanks to the same laws that could have worked in Rossdale’s favor.

While there’s no doubt the divorce was hard on both parties (Stefani said back in November that life “blew up” in her face) their divorce might go down as one of the most amicable of all time.
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