farrah abraham net worth 2017

Farrah Abraham Net Worth 2017: The Shocking Increase In Her Income

Farrah Abraham has been in the press quite a bit for the money she’s made off of her newfound publicity on Teen Mom OG. In fact, in due course, all of the Teen Mom OG moms have followed suite, although none of the other cast members can say they’ve starred in their own pornography film.

So given that Farrah has made building a lucrative career a major priority in her life, just how much wealth has she accumulated? What is Farrah Abraham net worth?

Farrah Abraham Income Sources

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Farrah Abraham was first featured on MTV on the series “16 and Pregnant” in 2009.  Abraham was noteworthy on the show because her boyfriend, Derek, and father of her daughter Sophia, was killed in car accident when Farrah was 8 months pregnant. Farrah has said that her mother kept her from having an abortion and has also made a number of allegations about her mother abusing her.

Still, despite the tragedies in her life,  Farrah Abraham certainly has a net worth to brag about.

The single mom has an elevated estimated worth  a result of the release of multiple sex tapes, a stint on VH1’s Couples Therapy, and a residency at Austin Palazio’s Gentlemen’s Club.
She claims the contract with the Gentleman’s Club is worth $544,000 alone. The $100,000 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG sedan she bought in August 2014 is certainly a testament to this.

Additionally,  in 2015 Abraham significantly increased her net worth by creating her own line of sex toys made from molds of her body parts.

 “It’s the realest feeling thing on the market. I think it’s better for the world because men can control themselves. It’s safe sex,” she enthused in her HollywoodLife.com podcast interview. 

More recently, in 2016, Farrah launched a number of different businesses that were actually documented by prior seasons of Teen Mom OG. As an example, Farrah Abraham launched a frozen yogurt shop as well as a child’s clothing and toy store. Additionally, she has authored a book, released an album, and even has her own line of pasta sauce.

Farrah Abraham Net Worth 2017

Farrah Abraham net worth has been a topic of a lot of dispute over the years.  We originally estimated it at around $1 million several years ago.

However, according to Michael Abraham, Farrah’s dad, her net worth far exceeds $1 million.  Abraham’s adult movies alone brought in several million.  And of course she has a good $30,000+ per episode income from MTV, according to reports.

But her father insists her wealth is mostly from promotions and branding/marketing deals — and via those deals, she has earned several times that $1 million.

Accounting for everything we know of, we estimate Farrah Abraham net worth in 2017 at $3-6 million.

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