World’s most expensive handbag? It could be this purse from Hermes

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The Squander Staff
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The most expensive handbag in the world found an owner.

The Heritage Auctions Holiday Luxury Auction in Dallas, Texas claims to have sold "the world's most collectible bag" at the world's most expensive price tag -- $125,000.

Initially valued at less than half the winning bid, this one-of-a-kind "Geranium Porosus" bag by Hermes is made from the highest quality Togo leather and matte crocodile. It also features color coordinated feet.

The buyer of the expensive handbag is unknown, but Director of Luxury Accessories Matt Rubinger notes, "All Hermes lovers have to hear is that this bag is one-of-one and they will know that it is an extraordinary piece."

The expensive handbag is thought to have been part of a 2010 Hermes project in London where top-notch craftsmen used rare materials to construct this exclusive purse, among other things.