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Is She Okay? Lil’ Kim 2016 Net Worth

Over the past few years, Lil’ Kim has made headlines less and less for her work in music and more so for her drastic transformation into what has now culminated with her almost being completely unrecognizable.  It has us wondering- what is the seemingly troubled 41-year-old worth in 2016? Find out about Lil’ Kim 2016 net worth here. 

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Etihad Airways

Million Dollar Festival Ticket Includes Exclusive Access to the World’s Only Concert Inside a Volcano

If you thought tickets to Coachella or Lollapalooza were expensive this year, you’ll get some perspective after hearing the world’s most expensive ticket is selling for a cool $1 million.

Revolving around Iceland’s Secret Solstice 2016, the pricey ticket includes so much more than merely VIP access to the four-day festival.

According to Forbes, the ticket includes so many amenities that the unbelievable price tag might even be a bargain. Forbes says a million dollars will get you:

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gold-plated Nintendo

Celebrate 30 Years Of ‘Legend Of Zelda’ With A Gold-Plated Nintendo For $5,000

To celebrate the Legend of Zelda’s 30th anniversary, Analogue is releasing ten limited edition 24k gold plated Analogue Nt’s. Every unit includes an original, gold colored Legend of Zelda cartridge.

Each piece of the Analogue Nt’s aluminum enclosure is plated from the inside out in pure, 24k Gold. Each piece of the Analogue Nt’s aluminum enclosure is plated from the inside out in pure, 24k Gold. Hand polished and plated in Seattle, WA.

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Andy Warhol’s Patek Philippe Reference 2503

Patek Philippe Owned By Andy Warhol Going Up For Auction

Warhol’s vintage timepiece features an 18-karat solid gold case — complete with bunny ear-style lugs — and a classic black lizard-skin strap.

Andy Warhol was a collector of many things, including fine watches. Andy Warhol was an avid collector of watches and he was particularly fond of the Patek Philippe brand.

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Floyd Mayweather Instragram Money

Floyd Mayweather Instagram Claim Says He Makes A ‘Million A Month Without Moving A Finger’

Is Floyd Mayweather taking another jab at rival 50 Cent with his latest Instagram? Mayweather is besting is heated rival with a video of the undefeated boxer counting his money.

Floyd Mayweather is bragged again, this time claiming he makes “seven figures a month without moving a finger” in his latest Instagram post since hanging up his boxing gloves in 2015. Continue reading

Black Yeezy Boost 350s

A Pair Of Black Yeezy Boost 350s Just Sold For $10K On eBay

The auction for the 9.5 NIB 350s started at $225 on March 10 and, after the price hit $500, became a bidding war between just two eBay users.

A sneakerhead (or Kardashian) just paid $10,100 on eBay for a pair of Kanye West-designed black Yeezy Boost 350s. The sneakers, which debuted last month, are valued at $1,000 and sell for $300–$700 on eBay.

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Dracula Castle For Sale

Inspiration for Dracula Castle Could Be Yours — If You Have $66 Million

The inspiration for Dracula’s residence in the 1897 novel Dracula-  a sprawling castle in Romania that has 60 rooms- has been put on the market by its aging owners for $66 million.

Though the estate is both beautiful and historic, it comes with a couple downsides. For one, it needs a lot of fixing up and isn’t entirely habitable. The castle has no indoor plumbing and has been used solely as a museum for the past few years. As a museum, Bran Castle has attracted many interested history buffs in the past (almost 600,000 folks a year, in fact).

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