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Kelly Ripa Net Worth 2017

Kelly Ripa Net Worth 2017: Kelly Ripa’s Net Worth is a Jaw Dropping Amount

Kelly Ripa is an award-winning TV personality who hosts the morning talk show, Live! with Kelly and Ryan along with Ryan Seacrest. Aside from being a popular host, she is an actress, a dancer and a successful television producer. Read here to find out how much Kelly Ripa net worth is.

 Kelly Ripa Career

Kelly Maria Ripa was born on October 2, 1970 in Stratford, New Jersey. She first appeared on national television on Dancin’ On Air as a regular dancer in 1986. Her big break came when she was cast as Hayley Vaughan on All My Children.

Her 12 years on the show made her a household name across the country. She joined Regis Philbin as a co-host on Live! With Regis after Kathie Lee Gifford left the show in 2000. She worked with Regis Philbin for more than ten years until his retirement on November 18, 2011.

The show was re-titled Live! With Kelly and it won its first Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show on June 23, 2012. Michael Strahan joined Ripa as a co-host on Live! With Kelly and Michael on September 2, 2012 until he moved to Good Morning America.

On May 16, 2016, the show was again called Live! With Kelly. Ryan Seacrest became Ripa’s co-host on a show that premiered on May 1, 2017. Ripa also appeared on the sitcom Hope & Faith as Faith Fairfield and on the film, Marvin’s Room.

Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos own a production company name Milojo named after their children Michael, Lola and Joaquin. They have produced a good number of films and documentaries since they started in 2007. Some of the causes that Ripa supports include The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, Tomorrow’s Children’s Fund and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

 Kelly Ripa Net Worth 2017

Her television success brought major endorsement deals for Ripa. She is a spokesperson for popular brand names such as 7 Up, Pantene, Tide, TD Bank, Ryka and Electrolux.

She has an active wear line called The Kelly Ripa Collection. Kelly Ripa’s long-standing television career has brought her immense popularity. The rise to fame also meant more dollars in the bank.

In total, we estimate Kelly Ripa net worth 2017 at $100 million.

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g-dragon net worth

G-Dragon Net Worth 2017: You Won’t Believe How Much This Korean Superstar is Worth

G-Dragon is a wildly famous K-pop superstar in South Korea. Aside from being a successful singer-songwriter, he is a record-producer and a fashion influencer. He is a sought-after celebrity with a career spanning over 15 years. From sold out concerts to successful business ventures, how much is G-Dragon net worth in 2017? Continue reading

Willie Robertson Net Worth 2017: It May Be Significantly Higher Than Reported

Willie Robertson is a successful businessman and an American TV personality. He is famous for his appearances on Duck Dynasty, a reality TV series.

Willie Robertson is the current CEO of the company Duck Commander, whereby his wealth is constantly on the rise. How prosperous is the duck call business and what is Willie Robertson net worth? Keep reading Squander and you are about to find out!

Willie Robertson Life

Willie Robertson was born on April 22, 1972 in Bernice, Louisiana. During his childhood, he spent a lot of time around a small business run by his father, Duck Commander.

He has three brothers and they have all shown interest in the duck call business. Willie Robertson went to college at Harding University but received his degree from  NE Louisiana University.

As he acquired a business degree, it certainly enriched him with skills to make Duck Commander an enormous business empire. Willie Robertson takes his religion quite seriously and is well known for preaching his Christian faith.  He married his wife Korie in 1992 with whom he has six children.

Willie Robertson, Earnings, Sources of Income

The reality TV series Duck Dynasty were an amazing success and were highly profitable. It took the company Duck Commander to even greater heights.

In 2006, Willie Robertson started a new company, Buck Commander. There he created the Buckmen series of DVDs and the television show Buck Commander.

Will Robertson has also had the honor of having Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal bestow him with the inaugural Governor’s Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence, accentuating how prosperous he is.

Willie Robertson Net Worth 2017

Being an overwhelmingly successful businessman, Willie Robertson net worth is truly breathtaking.

The size of the entire Duck Commander fortune of Phil Robertson is $400 million, according to E!.  However, only a portion of that belongs to Willie Robertson.  The rest is divided up among the other Robertson family members/stakeholders.


He did not only stop on his gigantic Duck Commander business and the Duck Dynasty series, but enlarged his wealth by pursuing the Buck Commander business as well.

Several sources estimate Willie Robertson’s net worth at around $20 million.  However, the Duck Commander business is worth $400 million, and a significant portion of the ownership is split among Phil Robertson and Willie, Jase, and Jep.

In total, we estimate Willie Robertson net worth closer to $30-50 million.

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G Eazy Net Worth 2017

Gerald Earl Gillum, better known for his stage name G-Eazy, is a rapper and record producer from Oakland, California, born on May 24th, 1989. He began his career when he started working on several singles in 2008 at the age of 19 — while he was still studying at the Loyola University at New Orleans, along with the producer Christoph Andersson.

What’s G Eazy net worth? Read on… Continue reading


Stevie J Net Worth 2017: How Much is this Grammy Award Winning Music Producer Worth?

Stevie J is a Grammy award winning record producer. He is also a songwriter, musician, and TV personality. In the mid to late 1990s, he produced for famous artists including Sean Combs, Mariah Carey, Notorious B.I.G., Faith Evans, Eve, Jodeci and Jay-Z. How much money did Stevie J make in his successful career? Continue reading

Ice-T net worth 2017

Ice-T Net Worth 2017: Changed the World of Hip-Hop, Now Let’s See How Much He’s Worth

Ice-T was born Tracy Lauren Marrow on the 16th of February, 1958 in Newark, New Jersey. Ice-T is a well-known American rapper-songwriter, actor, record producer and executive. Aside from his successful career in music, Ice-T also had film appearances and a voice acting career. Ice-T also dabbled in podcasting and reality TV.

From his humble and almost dramatic beginning,  Ice-T changed the world of hip-hop with his charming voice and strong persona. But just how much does Ice-T makes on a yearly-basis and how much is Ice-T net worth? Keep reading as The Squander reveal to you how much is he worth! Continue reading

steve o net worth

Steve-O Net Worth 2017: How Much Has The Star Made?

Born as Stephen Gilchrist Glover on 13th of June 1974, in Wimbledon, London to a Canadian-American parents. Most people know him by his stage name Steve-O. Best known as a member of MTV’s most successful prank series “Jackass”, Steve-O gained popularity doing dangerous and self-inflicting injuries. Steve O’s eccentric nature landed him several gigs in the entertainment industry from Jackass interconnected films, the Wildboyz series, to releasing Don’t Try This at Home – DVD. You may be wondering just how rich is Steve-O? The Squander will tell you how much Steve-O net worth is and some shocking details about him.

 Steve-O Life, Career

Steve-O travelled and lived in different countries mainly because of his father’s work as an executive of Pepsi-Cola. When he returned to London, Steve-O studied at the American School of London. However, Steve-O transferred and jumped from one school to another because of poor grades, misconducts, or simply dropping out. Steve-O finally got his degree in 1997 and graduated from Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Clown College.

Steve-O started working as a clown and a stuntman before being noticed by Jeff Tremaine who invited him to be part of Jackass. He married and got divorced twice, first to Candy-Jane Tucker in 2002 and to Brittany McGraw in 2006.

However, the exciting career of Steve-O suddenly fade in 2008 when he publicly admitted his drug-use, bipolar disorder, and suicidal tendencies. Steve-O underwent medical treatment and was also placed in a psychiatric hold.

Steve-O, Sources of Income

Steve-O is a brilliant stuntman-comedian-actor who just never ran out of ideas and pranks to share to the public. Aside from the reality show, Jackass films were a huge hit adding to Steve-O’s fortune. Wildboyz and Don’t Try This at Home DVD’s and its tours contributed to his wealth as well. Steve-O also appeared in several TV shows like The Howard Stern Show, Love Island, and The Dean Blundell Show which helped Steve-O net worth to rise steadily. Steve-O also have 2 YouTube channels with over 2 million subscribers.

 Steve-O Net Worth 2017

After recovering from his substance abuse and depressive state, Steve-O made a comeback by starring in Jackass 3D and writing his autobiography called Professional Idiot: A Memoir. Presently, Steve-O is performing live stand-up shows. He is also earning from his YouTube channel by actively posting videos which are mostly pranks and stunts. Thus, we calculated Steve-O net worth based on his entertainment career which began in the late 90s and his present live shows and YouTube channels. We’ve estimated Steve-O net worth 2017 to be in the ballpark of $3 to $4 million.

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