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jazz jennings net worth

Jazz Jennings Net Worth 2017

Today is the season premiere of I am Jazz season 2.  This is the season in which Jazz starts to talk about bottom surgery, as well as other things.

Although Jazz hasn’t been an actor, she has made some money out of appearances and other things.  Her parents, meanwhile, are relatively wealthy on their own.

So what is Jazz Jennings net worth in 2017?  Continue reading

mta train cost, mta train derailment cost

How Much Does Today’s MTA Train Derailment Cost? How Much Do MTA Trains Cost?

Today there was a major scare for New Yorkers as an MTA train derailed forcing people to evacuate from the subway through the tracks. Apparently, the train was approaching 125th St. and caught on fire, and large groups of people had to crawl through the darkness and smoky tunnels in order to get to safety. At this point it doesn’t appear that anybody’s been significantly injured.

But given the damage, one wonders how much these MTA trains cost, and how much it costs to repair such a derailment. We’ll find out. Continue reading

T.J. Miller net worth

T.J. Miller Net Worth: The Shocking Wealth He’s Walking Away With From Silicon Valley

Actor T.J. Miller has been a staple on HBO’s “Silicon Valley” since its inception, so, of course, fans everywhere have been shocked about his departure. While a war between T.J. Miller and writer/producer Alec Berg breaks out in the tabloids, we got to thinking, just how much money has T.J. Miller accumulated in his career? He’s certainly had a more fruitful career than most people realize, so what is T.J. Miller net worth? Continue reading

isabela moner net worth

Isabela Moner Net Worth: Transformers, Nickelodeon Star

Isabela Moner has been popping up all over the place. Like many teenage stars today, she got her start on a Nickelodean show, only to make the leap to the big screen and then gain a massive boost. Now, with the release of the next installment of “Transformers,” Isabela Moner is poised to breakout. But how much money has she actually made in her brief period of time acting and what’s her net worth? We’ll take you through a comprehensive assessment. Continue reading

us navy destroyer fitzgerald cost

How Much Does the US Navy Destroyer Fitzgerald Cost? The Shocking Price Tag

Today the Navy Destroyer the USS Fitzgerald collided with a merchant ship off the coast of Japan. Reportedly, the ship suffered damage, which produced flooding that staff have been working hard to reverse.

The destroyer was a guided missile destroyer than had participated in a training exercise with the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force. But another point brought up by the incident is the question of what is the cost of the Navy Destroyer? Continue reading

james t hodgkinson job

James T. Hodgkinson Job, Salary, Business, Facebook: What Did He Do, How Much $$ Did He Have?

James T. Hodgkinson was announced a few minutes ago as the alleged attacker on the Republican party baseball team early this morning. Hodgkinson has produced a large amount of information about his job, career, and salary, as well as his political affiliation.

So what was James T. Hodgkinson job and salary? Read on… Continue reading

adam west net worth

Adam West Net Worth 2017: How Much Did He Have At Passing

Adam West, legendary actor best known for his role as “the” Batman, died today. He is sure to be missed by fans everywhere, as well as his family. But another question that comes to mind given his death today, is what was his net worth at his passing?

Did his career truly bring him the wealthy we’d all expect? The Squander has all of the details for you. Continue reading

eric trump net worth

Eric Trump Net Worth 2017

The Trump fortune has been much discussed ever since Donald Trump ran for presidency and actually won. But even though we hear a lot about Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump and even Barron Trump, if there’s one Trump’s wealth we actually don’t hear that much about, it’s Eric Trump. Of course, that may be because it’s assumed that Donald Trump’s net worth is pretty much the equivalent of Eric Trump’s net worth.

But is it? What is Eric Trump net worth and just what have been his entrepreneurial endeavors? We’ll give you all of the details. Continue reading