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whitney way thore net worth

Whitney Way Thore Net Worth 2017

Whitney Way Thore is never afraid to take chances. Small wonder then that she’s been equally fearless with her career. In the past year, Whitney Way Thore has launched a number of different ventures, in addition to returning for yet another season of her successful TLC reality show, “My Big Fat Fabulous Life.” So just how much wealth has Whitney Way Thore accumulated? Let’s take a look.

“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” first premiered for its first season in 2015. Now, the show is airing its fourth season. With a total of 45 episodes thus far and a rave reception, we can imagine that Thore has been sure to negotiate a nice paycheck for herself.

Next, is Whitney Way Thore’s loyal fan base on social media. With more than 300,000 followers on Instagram, Thore can often be seen promoting products in her pics.

Not only does Thore promote others’ products, but she also promotes her own. This includes Werk with Whitney, a set of dance video exercise DVDs where you work out alongside Whitney. With her new project, Whitney is also making a statement about the need to be more accepting about our bodies and caring for ourselves: the URL for the site where you purchase the DVDs is Thore also promotes sale of clothing items like hoodies and sweatshirts in her very own store, named nobodyshame, of course.

Finally, it looks like Whitney Way Thore has other collaborations in the works. Thore has been seen with Fitness Marshall, a group of YouTube stars who provide hip hop cardio workouts to the latest hit songs. Looks like Thore may just be hoping to put her brand on a set of workout videos.

Whitney Way Thore Net Worth in 2017

So what’s the grand total for all of Whitney Way Thore’s hard work? Thore’s cumulative net worth in 2017 is estimated to be $1.5 million.

taylor caniff net worth

Taylor Caniff Net Worth 2017

Taylor Caniff is yet another of the Magcon boys, or the young male stars of social media who have successfully translated their eager online fans into millions of dollars, just by hanging out a whole bunch with their friends and taking pics of themselves doing it. But just how does Taylor Caniff measure up to his peers like Cameron Dallas or Hayes Grier? We’ll take a closer look below.

Taylor Caniff began his career on Vine. But like others, he soon segued from Vine to Instagram, and in the meantime, made sure to beef up his Twitter and YouTube followings. His cumulative audience on social media measures up to 9 million. He’s a little short on height though, coming in at around 5’6.” But similar to his colleagues, he’s managed to make up for it with a lot of panache and drama, getting into feuds with the likes of Nash Grier. A particular source of controversy for Taylor Caniff has been the demise and eventual revival of MagCon, the annual traveling tour that enables teens nationwide to meet and greet with their favorite social media stars.

Taylor Caniff Net Worth in 2017

The formula that’s worked for others, has worked for Taylor Caniff. He started out by converting his social media following into lucrative endorsements, and made sure to make appearances at MagCon. In addition, Taylor Caniff added the DigiTour, another social media traveling festival to his roster of shows that he promotes.

While Taylor can be seen making cameos on Cameron Dallas’s reality show, “Chasing Cameron,” he’s embarked on some solo projects as well. In 2015, Taylor Caniff launched his “RV Project Tour,” which mimicked the concept of Magcon but enabled him to meet fans nationwide just by his lonesome.

So just how much money has Taylor Caniff made? According to our calculations, Taylor Caniff’s net worth in 2017 is estimated to be $2 million.

Hayes Grier Net Worth

Hayes Grier Net Worth 2017

Like the rest of his millennial bros, Hayes Grier is right along up there in terms of his ambition to succeed and his will to translate his social media status into mainstream popularity. But just how successful has this young star being in building his net worth through this medium. We’ll take you through his assets and income and let you be the judge.

It didn’t take Hayes Grier, younger brother to Nash Grier, too long to realize just how lucrative a social media gig could be. So he jumped on Vine, just like his older brother, only to accumulate 15 million fans among his Vine, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. But Hayes Grief was quick to begin accumulating wealth through his newfound fame.

Hayes Grier Net Worth in 2017

Having started on social media, endorsements were an initial source of income for Hayes. Much like his peers, he soon moved to on to raking in the cash through Magcon, the annual traveling tour that enables teens nationwide to meet and greet with their favorite social media stars.

Still, Hayes’s career is remarkable for the early transition to mainstream status. Hayes Grier cemented this with a role on “Dancing with the Stars,” becoming the youngest contestant to appear on the show. Hayes had so much success with his stint on the show that he actually joined the “Dancing with the Stars tour.” He then wrote and released his own book, “Hollywood Days with Hayes.”

But that’s not all – in 2016, Hayes Grier landed his own reality show on go90, called “Top Grier.” The show will feature Hayes returning to his home in North Carolina to rebuild his family farm. In addition, Hayes has actually gone on tour, taking his Vine act on the road. In fact, if you check out your local theatre, for a mere $40 or so, you might just be able to see him live!

So just how much money has Hayes Grier accumulated? According to our calculations, Hayes Grier’s net worth in 2017 is estimated to be $3.5-4 million.

Photo credit: Youtube/Hayes Grier

omarosa manigault net worth

Omarosa Manigault Net Worth 2017

You never thought it would happen, but yes, Omarosa is back!  The Apprentice season 1 candidate who makes up the punchline of at least 50% of all reality TV jokes (the other 50% being Gary Busey) has landed a job in the Trump administration.

But where has she been and how much is Omarosa’s net worth now? Continue reading

Peyton List’s Net Worth: How Much Has This Disney Darling Made?

Peyton Roi List is definitely an up and coming starlet though most of her acting has been confined to Disney roles. Still, this Disney darling has been making more appearances at young Hollywood events and has been spotted all over the latest issues of all the glossy magazines. So just how much is Peyton List worth? We’ll give you all of the details.

Peyton List grew up in the Brooklyn area of New York.  It wasn’t long before this starlet needed relocate to California because of all of the gigs she was booking and so she graduated from high school in the Oak Park area.

Peyton List got her start at age 4. She had a small role in the popular soap series, “As the World Turns.” But firs t more recognizable role was in 2008 as the younger version of Katherine Heigl in “27 Dresses.”

Peyton List’s primary source of income is her acting. She stars on Disney’s hit show, “Bunk’d,” and has also had recent roles on Disney channel original movies such as “The Swap,” as well as the YouTube Red movie “The Thinning.”  Luckily for Peyton, she’s been acting since a tender young age, giving her plenty of time to accumulate income. Previously, she starred in the Disney channel series, “Jessie” and also had a recurring role on the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” movie series, appearing in all 3 installments.

Peyton List has also been modeling and starring in advertisements for a number of years. She’s been a model for Justice Magazine and has appeared in over 400 advertisements.

So just how much is Peyton List worth? Between her acting (both on TV and movies), modeling and advertising gigs, Peyton List’s net worth for 2017 is $8 million. But we’re predicting great things for List! It won’t be long before she scores a serious endorsement deal for a cosmetic product or initiates a foray into merchandising. We’ll give you the update on Peyton List’s  net worth next year!

Jess Glynne Net Worth

Jess Glynne: What is Jess Glynne’s Net Worth?

Jess Glynne is a British singer/songwriter who rose to prominence last year, after multiple hit tracks. With all of that success comes a lot of money — so what is Jess Glynne’s net worth?

Jess Glynne Goes From Humble Beginnings to Musical Stardom

Glynne didn’t start off a music success. In 2013, she was working a standard office job, according to “The JC”.

Glynne started her music career by trying to get on “The X Factor,” but she didn’t get anywhere. Still, she stayed in the music business. She got jobs at in several music-related areas, and used the contacts she made to push her career forward.

After a lot of hard work, she was able to sign a contract with Atlantic Records, and she debuted her first hit song in 2014.

Jess Glynne Breaks Records

Due to her popularity — especially online — Glynne very quickly started to break charts records. And she had several top songs on the charts at once.

Nevertheless, that popularity didn’t necessarily lead to riches. Royalties didn’t produce as much money as you’d expect. For instance, according to “The Shortlist”, her Spotify royalties were in the thousands of dollars.

But like other artists, only a small amount of her income came from royalties. She did a major tour in 2016, crisscrossing the UK, which earned her a lot. She also earned money from other ventures.

So what is Jess Glynne’s Net Worth?

We estimate that Jess Glynne is worth slightly over $4 million. This is slightly lower than expected, because her dollar net worth was affected by the post-Brexit crash of the British Pound.

We expect 2017 to be a very big year for Glynne, and wouldn’t be surprised if she passed $5 million this coming year.

Photo credit: Jess Glynne

Net worth disclaimer: Our net worth and income estimations are purely our opinions, and not facts. We strive to be as accurate as possible, but in the end it is nearly impossible to be 100% sure of anyone’s true net worth.